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New Rally Planned

May 18, 2006 permalink



11:00 TO 12:30

Dear Fellow Canadian Citizens

On Tuesday June 20 2006 at Queens Park in Toronto the families of Ontario will once again march on the provincial government’s front lawn in a rally. The rally is to ask for accountability and responsibility with respects to Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario. We the families involved and/or concerned with the CFSA and Children’s Aid Societies and their strong armed polices ask the government of Ontario for relief.

Last March 16 2005 we rallied to ask for a Royal Commission of Inquiry. This time its to show frustration with the CFSA. With the 2007 election around the corner this could certainly be a topic to win the election for any party. Some of the areas, just to mention a few are;

  1. According to the Charter of Rights and Freedom Equality Rights 15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability. Which act has more power the charter of rights and freedoms or the family services act? There are confirmed cases of Children's Aid violating the above by not allowing a grandparent to care for their grandchild because of their age. Addiction is considered under federal and international law as a disability and depression is clearly a mental disability. So addiction and mental health are disabilities and should not be used against someone but yet the family services act continues to use it against parents. Canada jumped at the human rights thing and now its time to show that we still believe in them.
  2. There are many drug testing agencies around Ontario, some very good. However I have recently discovered that several of these agencies favor CAS. In a phone interview with one director I asked 3 key questions. One what is the percent of your caseload that CAS is paying for and he answered 95 percent. Second question was how much does this testing cost?. He answered about 1000.00 per collection. Then I asked how much do you get paid for these test? He refused to answer and hung up. It does leave me with a sick feeling in my stomach that these tests are supposed to detect drugs and/or alcohol in a person to help them overcome the burdens of the addiction, however with CAS overpaying some labs that do these test. A test could be altered to favor CAS.
  3. A Brantford father questions parenting assessments done for CAS? The father told me today in a phone conversation that a lot but not all doctors who perform these assessments receive up to 300 percent over the criminal interest rate of Canada for performing them. The father went on to say that the average assessment cost about 200.00 per hour and the average assessment last 5 hours. That would suggest the cost of the assessments should be 1000.00 per person. With the average family having two parents the cost should be 2000.00. A great number of doctors who perform these assessments are paid 5000.00 per person. That’s 200 percent in most cases. The criminal interest’s rate of Canada is no more then 60 percent on an annual basis. The father concluded by saying "just a thought if the average parent overpaid 200 to 300 percent on a parenting assessment would the doctor not pass or favor you too"

These are just three of the areas that will be talked about at the rally. I encourage you all to join us June 20 2006 at Queens Park in Toronto as we rally for family rights.

“ We can find a missing automobile anywhere in Ontario in 48 hours but a missing child maybe never found, I’m not sure we have our priorities straight” A former Ontario police chief 2000



Rob Ferguson