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Girl Abused in Foster Care

May 10, 2006 permalink

Here is a story from a reporter in Brantford, who says he is unrelated to the family, and so can legally publish his name. In five years of listening to reports from Dufferin, we heard no complaints of abuse of young children, but not all CAS agencies have the same policies.



May 9, 2006

At a supervised access visit today in Brantford a mother was shocked to see her five-year-old daughter come into the room with bruises on her legs, arms and neck, and with a black eye. The CAS worker present diminished the situation by saying "I don't know; it was there when I picked her up". As the story goes on, the children report that the foster parents have "dumb rules" and "bad punishments".

The two children, ages four and five, reported to their mother that they do not get emough food or water and that the foster parents allow older children to pounce on them. When the mother would give her children toys the foster parents would either throw them out or give them to other children to play with. It was reported that the children who misbehaved in this foster home had to put their nose and toes against a wall for up to 20 minutes. The foster parents in question also have a habit of sending the children to bed early with little or no food in the stomachs. Many of the children in this foster home show up at school, church and family visits wearing dirty cloths and smelling bad.

CAS Brant claims that because the foster home is out in the country that water is limited so baths and showers happens once or twice a week.

Brad James

Source: Brad James