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More F4J Stunts

January 12, 2006 permalink

Fathers-4-Justice is back in action. Yesterday Batman, Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk unfurled a banner from the top of the Johnson Street Bridge in Victoria British Columbia, doing so in spite of rain. Today wonderwoman hung a banner from an overpass visible to traffic on highway 401 near Brimley. The press release follows.




Wonder Woman, a Fathers-4-Justice Activist and Spokesperson has the best view in town for Prime Minister Paul Martin's arrival and appearance on CTV's Canada AM this morning.

She is at this moment perched atop a highway sign on the Westbound 401 at Brimley Road.

Her message to Canadian voters is clearly displayed on a 4' x12' banner


Her message to Paul Martin and his Liberal cohorts is that Fathers-4-Justice is far more than a handful of angry men as stated by his office. In fact members include many women and grandparents, all of whom support equality and are fed up with the Liberal's failure to act on the inequalities in family law.

Wonder Woman says, "It is very interesting for me to hear Paul Martin vehemently purport to defend the Charter of Rights while systematically denying thousands of children their right to "freedom of association" with their own parents. Mr. Martin's own Justice Minister has publicly stated that parents have no rights vis a vis their children. I can only ask who does have rights with respect to our children, and who is it who will defend the children's rights. Mr. Martins proposal to do away with the notwithstanding clause is no surprise to me, there is no need for it if you just ignore the rights of children anyway.

Perhaps Wonder Woman should strive to tie up all of the politicians in her truth lasso.

Children deserve the right to both parents.

Children deserve truth, justice, and equality.

Source: Hal Legere