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Jack Stratton

October 13, 2005 permalink

Here is the latest news from Jack Stratton, a homeschooling parent who had ten children seized by North Carolina child protectors.



Judge in Stratton Case Suddenly Resigns as Jack Stratton Closes In

From Charlotte, North Carolina / Mecklenburg County


"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."
— Former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

Ladies and gentlemen,

In the 10/12/05 Charlotte Observer, the infamous Judge Elizabeth "Libby" Killegrew (formerly Miller) announced that she was resigning from the bench. Miller oversaw most of the Stratton "case."

The alleged reason for the sudden resignation was so that Miller-Killegrew could join a group called The Council For Children. The stated reason is ludicrous on its face.

The Observer article can be accessed at the Charlotte Observer website or at the Council For Children site

The Council for Children is a component of the criminal child trafficking operation. Its Executive Director is Brett Loftis, a co-conspirator with Miller-Killegrew in the kidnapping and abuse of our ten children.

More on co-conspirator Loftis and The Council for Children at a later date. Suffice to say, I intend to put Loftis in prison with his co-conspirators and shut down the Council for Children permanently.

Here is what I allege to be the real reason for Miller-Killegrew's sudden resignation:

I long ago realized that those who kidnapped and were holding our children were operating a vast child trafficking enterprise and that the only way we would get our children back was to expose the conspiracy.

After getting my son out of North Carolina to safety last year, I returned to confront the criminals and to lay the groundwork to force the release of our other eight children.

I have been working underground in Mecklenburg County since last fall. After much strenuous work I am now closing in rapidly on the North Carolina criminal child trafficking enterprise in which Miller-Killegrew is a lower level conspirator. I have evidence which will put Miller-Killegrew in prison.

A major reason it has taken me so long to blow this case open is because my former attorney refused to address the issues and repeatedly threatened to quit on me if I tried to address them.

I finally got fed up with this coward and confronted him. He quickly filed a motion to withdraw, thereby hiding what he had been doing to my family and avoiding a confrontation with the criminals whose asses he had been so busy kissing.

Since getting rid of this trojan horse attorney, we have been virtually unstoppable in marching through the enemy. Miller-Killegrew's resignation is but the latest manifestation of that.

It has been apparent to me for some time that I was under surveillance and was being followed. This was no surprise, as the child traffickers are desperately worried about what I'm doing.

About 11 p.m. on Labor Day, I was ambushed in an organized attack by 6-10 thugs. I was beaten and kicked in the head. I heard one guy appearing to give the others orders. As I lay bleeding in the street, one of them put an object to my head and threatened to blow my head off. They searched me and took most of what I had until [apparently] someone came out of a house, whereupon the thugs took off. I do not know if the thugs were "sent" by someone or if it was just random street gang violence.

Shortly after the attack, I got a little careless while doing legal research in the library. Numerous floppy discs on which I was working were suddenly "missing."

The discs contained information on my plan of attack on the child traffickers and Miller-Killegrew in particular.

I cannot prove it but I believe the discs were lifted from my tote bag by someone following me as I was doing legal research in the library. I believe the discs were turned over to the child traffickers and are now in their possession.

I believe this is the real reason Miller-Killegrew suddenly "resigned." I believe she was forced out by those above her in the child trafficking enterprise. I believe Miller-Killegrew's resignation is an act of desperation by the traffickers to somehow protect themselves from what they saw on my discs.

I have the proof that will absolutely annihliate the child trafficking industry in the State of North Carolina. If the traffickers have my discs they now know that I have the capability to do this.

Do not be surprised if I end up like Vince Foster. I cannot elaborate at this time.

I will be sending out additional information in the next 24-48 hours.

Contact: Jack Stratton 704-981-6303


Source: direct email from Jack Stratton

Note: Vince Foster, a white-house assistant to president Bill Clinton, committed suicide in Fort Marcy Park by firing a gun into his mouth without getting blood on the ground and laid the gun neatly on the ground next to his hand.