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Edmonton Foster Death

November 27, 2005 permalink

Here is another death in foster care, this time in Edmonton. The Edmonton Journal, the Edmonton Star-Phoenix and the CBC all carried the story without mentioning any names. Under the pretext of protecting a dead child from emotional harm, a man charged with a capital crime has joined the ranks of the disappeared, the desaparecidos, for the real purpose of helping social services bury their mistake.



Man charged in baby's death

The Edmonton Journal

Sunday, November 27, 2005

EDMONTON -- An Edmonton man is charged with second-degree murder in connection with the Saturday death of a 13-month-old toddler who was in the foster care of his relatives.

The child, who police have not identified, was taken to an Edmonton hospital Thursday. Hours later, his life-threatening injuries prompted hospital staff to notify police. Police would not describe the boy's injuries or say whether his parents were with him in hospital. The toddler died shortly after 11:30 a.m. Saturday. An autopsy is scheduled to take place Monday.

Police spokesman Jeff Wuite said the 44-year-old man charged could not be named because of the Child Youth Family Enhancement Act, which prevents the release of any details that identify a child, siblings or guardians. The man's first court appearance is expected to take place Monday. Sources say the child was one of three in the Edmonton foster home.

Alberta Children's Services spokeswoman Jody Korchinski would not confirm whether the child had come under government care nor whether two siblings are still in the home. She said whenever a child is seriously injured while in care, a special case review can be done to determine what could have been done differently.

If this is deemed a homicide, it would be the 35th of year.

Source: Edmonton Journal

Addendum: Today, November 28, the Edmonton Journal and the Edmonton Sun, but not the CBC, have identified the parties involved in the case.



Mother screams ‘baby killer’ as man charged in child’s death

Edmonton Journal

Monday, November 28, 2005

The mother of a toddler killed on the weekend screamed "baby killer" in an Edmonton courtroom today as the 44-year-old man charged in the child’s death made his first appearance.

Thirteen-month-old Caleb Jerome Merchant died Saturday in the home of his foster parents.

Raymond Douglas Loyer, who is common-law husband of the child’s foster mother, has been charged with second-degree murder. He was remanded in custody and is to reappear in court on the charge next month.

As he made his appearance, the child’s mother, Sandra Mingo, 21, shouted "baby killer."

Afterwards, she said Alberta Children’s Services should have done a better job of screening the people that her child was living with.

Mingo said her son was taken into care by Children’s Services because she has a drug problem.

The boy was placed in the home of a distant relative who Mingo referred to as her cousin. Loyer lives common-law with the relative.

Relatives of the child and the accused attended today’s brief court appearance.

The child is Edmonton’s 35th homicide of the year.

Source: Edmonton Journal