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Girl Loses Dad to Lesbian

December 2, 2005 permalink

To the difficult question "How can same-sex marriage harm heterosexual marriage?", the Supreme Court of Washington has provided an answer.

The court has thwarted the ability of a married mother and father to raise their daughter in favor of the mother's former lesbian lover. Sue Ellen (Mian) Carvin and Page Britain lived as lovers for twelve years. Midway through that relationship Britain conceived a child with sperm donated by a gay friend, John Auseth, and gave birth to a daughter known only as LB. When the girl was almost six years old, the couple split up and Britain married Auseth. The Supreme Court of Washington ruled that Carvin was entitled to parental rights over LB.

This tangled case is another step in reducing the rights of mom and dad, and we can expect with the spread of legitimate same-sex marriages there will be many more limits on the rights of parents over their own children.

Here is a local copy of two opinions from the court. There are many other views on this case, accessible with a search on [ Carvin Britain Auseth ].

Addendum: On May 15, 2006 the Supreme Court of the United States declined to review this case.