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Police Threaten Website

June 8, 2005 permalink

This evening two officers of the Ontario Provincial Police visited the home of Robert T McQuaid to complain about the content of the Dufferin VOCA website. We will keep you informed of developments, if possible.

Addendum: The dispute outlined in the following email is now in the hands of lawyer Walter Fox.



June 8, 2005


I have just got off the phone with the O.P.P. officer who spoke with you. I would be more than happy to speak to your lawyer and please provide him with my name and contact information. It might help if they have a criminal law background.

My investigation has so far shown that this tape recording was stolen from Brantford C.A.S. The female that provided the recording to you, has indicated that it would be given to you personally.. It also violates section 45(8) of the Child and Family Services Act of Ontario. Your description of where and when the tape was made further implicates you in this investigation.

I see that your "Dufferin VOCA" website is also linked to the 'AFRA' site to which you are listed as a board of director.

Take this warning seriously and remove this recording and any links pertaining to it. You or your lawyer are free to call me for further details..

Brantford Police Service
(519) 756-0113 ext. 2273