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Brantford Woman Harassed by CAS

July 13, 2005 permalink

The woman Brantford Police and Children's Aid think is responsible for the tape posted to this site on June 4 has been hiding for a month. Today, unaware that all quasi-police agencies in Canada use caller-id technology, she called Bruce Burbank, Director of Family Services for the Children's Aid Society of Brant, and left a message on his answering machine.

In less than an hour a CAS caseworker Christine was at the door. No one answered, so she left a card in the mailbox. In only a few minutes more a gas and hydro vehicle arrived and cut off gas service to the house. While it may seem far-fetched to make a connection, we have had a report unrelated to this case in which CAS workers arrived with hydro so that they could seize kids as soon as the power was disconnected (on grounds of lack of running water). We will keep you informed of developments.