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Carline VandenElsen Reacts

May 20, 2005 permalink

Carline VandenElsen, convicted of crimes for her part in a standoff with the police over custody of her baby Mona-Clare, has responded with a press release. André Lefebvre has established a Carline VandenElsen blog, including events in the lives of both parents well before the birth of Mona-Clare.




Mona-Clare was a 5 month old, happy, healthy nursing infant at the time she was seized by police in Halifax after they attempted to break into her grandmother’s home in the middle of the night with a battering ram and machine gun.

Police claim they were enforcing an apprehension order for the Children’s Aid Society of Halifax.

May 21st marks the 1st anniversary of the death of 79 year old Mona Mary Finck and the disappearance of baby Mona-Clara.

Her parents Carline VandenElsen and Lawrence Finck were recently convicted for abducting their baby and face years of imprisonment for allegedly depriving state authorities of her custody.

No one has explained the apprehension order or why the Children’s Aid Society went after Mona-Clare when she was yet a fetus.

VandenElsen will begin a “starving for the children” campaign and will not eat until Premier John Hamm and Justice Minister Michael Baker agree to investigate the actions of police and child welfare authorities, and the disappearance of her baby.

She urges the public to demand why hundreds of millions of tax dollars have been expended to fell her family. She feels no child, parent or family member should suffer such intolerable pain , suffering and exploitation.

VandenElsen and Finck believe that thousands of children across Canada are being criminally abused by state authorities and lawyers in a multi billion dollar family law industry and it MUST STOP.

Carline VandenElsen


May 19, 2005

Addendum: On May 21 the Halifax Herald carried a story on Carline VandenElsen's hunger strike.