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Hearings on Foster Drug Trials

May 18, 2005 permalink

A committee of the US Congress today heard testimony related to the drug trials using foster children. A witness and four panelists are listed on the hearing page. All defended the existing drug trial procedures, suggesting at most that more advocates should be in place.

Through the courtesy of Leonard Henderson, we have the submissions by the Alliance for Human Research Protection to the committee, not mentioned on the congressional website. These submissions identify the actual drugs tested, and the purposes of the trials. Mr Henderson comments:

Not a single invited witness remotely represents the interest of the children who were targeted and used as human guinea pigs to test experimental AIDS drugs and vaccines!

Not a single invited witness represents the concern of the African-American and Latino community whose children were targeted.

Not a single invited witness represents any of the child welfare agencies or research institutions that are under federal investigation for their role in the enrollment of these children.