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Halifax Standoff Couple Convicted

May 12, 2005 permalink

This evening in Halifax Carline VandenElsen and Larry Finck were convicted of most of the charges against them. They both face substantial jail time as a result.

On May 19, 2004 police appeared at their home to take their baby daughter Mona-Clare. Ordinarily, when falsely accused by the police, the correct action is to cooperate with the police, then prove your innocence when the matter comes before a court. But in the Halifax case, the parents had previously lost four children through the family court system, all without ever having been accused of causing harm to their children. They knew from experience that there was no relief to be had in the courts. So what are parents to do when the police come for their children? Meekly give up their children? Shoot back at the police? There is no correct course of action for Canadian families, and will not be until family courts halt the practice of removing children without cause.

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