I have a new mother, Her name is Donna.
The day she took me away, will forever stay.
She said that I was going somewhere nice.
It sounded just like Paradise.

This is the day my family dies,
My father could not stop them, though he tries
Mom's blank stare,
Losing my family, they just don't care
My little sister screams from fear
Memories that last through the years.
Little Brother stands aghast
Broken memories of a shattered past.
And through it all a tiny cry,
My youngest sister just asks "Why?".

A shiny red Mustang speeds me away
To the Promised Land, I'm going today.
She says she'll give me a new mother,
A new family, a new brother.
In the rear view mirror my family fades,
For her, everything is coming up spades.

As we drive past the icons of my youth
She spouts out gibberish that rings of truth.
You'll like it there, they're really nice
Another day in Paradise.
4 walls and a floor in my cell,
Yes, indeed, it's Maryvale hell.

I heard about this place from kids at school.
They talked about it, like it was cool.
It takes them away from the abuse and the strife.
They took me away from my family, my life.

A blur of time, days into night
Nothing ever seems just right.
Horrific nightmare that seems to last
Shattered dreams of my family's past.

A call from home, a ray of hope
Last bits of my sanity, up on the rope.
Mom's voice in my head
"Tell them you don't want their Maryvale bed".
They say I'm a fool, to want to go home,
But locked away here, my heart can only roam
To thoughts of my family, my brother and sis,
To mom's reassuring goodnight kiss.

10 days of hell, a lifetime.
Why was I removed, no one tells me the crime
Finally it ends up all a mistake.
All the fear, loss and heartache.

4 years later my psychological war rages on.
My innocent childhood, all but gone.
The scars of apprehension run deep
And all these memories, I will keep.
But I'll never forget, my little sister's tearful cry
Just answer me this: "Why?".

Mark, Windsor Ontario, on his apprehension by Windsor Essex CAS in 2000 at the age of 14 years.