It’s Against The Law, by Jennifer Daly

I wrote a poem today
I had to get the words out
I had to say
We are not allowed to swim in the ocean anymore
Someone was bit by a shark
And now it’s the law

We can’t send our kids to the park today
Someone was kidnapped
And now it’s the law

There are no monkey bars today
Someone fell and broke their arm one day
Now it’s the law

My son was taken today
He had a bruise from chemo today
CPS couldn’t explain it they say
So my son was taken today
It’s the law

We can’t go sledding today
Someone hit their head on a tree one day
The town could be sued they say
No sledding today and it’s a law

We can’t go to the pharmacy today
Our little girl has a fever
And can’t be around other people
I am home alone
Daddy is at work
We have to wait 6 more hrs to get her meds today
I can’t leave her in the car
I can’t go in with her
I have no one to watch her
So we have to wait today
As she is sick today
As she gets worse today
Because it’s the law.

Jennifer Davy describes herself:

“I live in Shrewsbury, MA. I work in Engineering and IT. I have a 6 yr old and a 2 yr old. I have 17 yrs of Aerospace and Defense consulting with 6 yrs of being the dept IT manager in Engineering for BAE land and Armaments (combat vehicles). My husband is a fire engineer and volunteer fireman. My husband has two degrees. I have none. I am dyslexic and very innovative. I found a way to learn and grow, despite the education system’s inability to teach people who don’t fit in their standard ranges.

I grew up Free-Range. I ran around the neighborhood. I let my daughter do the same. I am sure I could be criminalized for many allowances I give my children and I think that is a crime. Most of these laws are absurd and based on someone’s grief who thinks all accidents can be prevented and someone’s misguided view that we should protect with lots of laws to save our families and children from predators.

So punish the predators, clean up the laws, retrain and build a CPS system that works better with the needed staff, training and family focus it is missing. Stop criminalizing parents for making informed and intentional choices for their children’s boundaries and growth. Have officers be community members that do ask and check on kids – but not something to be feared if my kid is playing at the park with friends or alone.

Source: Free Range Kids