Love, Mommy

by Susan,

I pull up in front and unlock the door.
but when i get inside this isnt home anymore.
I feel an emptyness deep within my heart.
All the dreams i had and lived have been torn all apart.

The silence that surronds me is like a ghost from the past
Not knowing how much longer i can take this nor how long it will last.
Living my life in a quiet little world
With no children around me no sounds to be heard.

My heart is slowly dying from losing the life that i loved.
Hearing my children hollar mommy and all the kisses and hugs.
What do you do when you have lost everything.
and wake up every morning to the silence that it brings.

You lay there and stare at there empty little rooms.
And keep telling yourself it will all be over real soon.
But knowing inside that your life will never be the same.
You lost everything you loved even your last name.

Then you take a deep breath and say a little prayer.
Asking god to please help me thru this cause i know he cares.
And hope he will fill this void in my heart.
That hurts so deep since weve been apart.

But till that day comes i turn only to him.
Cause deep inside i feel he is my only true friend.
And he will help me thru this one day at a time.
Because he knows that inside i am slowly dying.

But i know he stays with me and keeps me holding on.
In hopes of one day my babies coming home.
So all i can do now is say another prayer.
And ask god to please keep all of you in his care.

love mommy
© 2002, Susan