A Call For Change

by Joseph Sarandos

Under "Parens Patriae," a concept of the laws,
"The State" controls all children, "for their own protection" cause.
This means there are no parents having more authority,
And that there is no deference to genealogy.

The State allows for parents "to give care," but nothing more,
To children who are born to them, especially if poor,
Unless it can be shown that there is danger of some sort,
Determined by opinions offered in the Children's Court.

The child of any parent can be seized at any time,
And any parent can be charged with actions "less than crime,"
Allowing for the System to determine, legally,
If movement from the home shall be the final remedy.

"Control and placement of each child within their bailiwicks,"
Was made each State's authority, through laws and politics,
By those who had control of funds, in Washington, DC,
Intended and amassed for Seniors' Pensions majorly.

Health and Human Services, or "HHS" for short,
Was made the funder and controller of The Children's Court
And every branch and facet of the "Child Protection Cause,"
Through regulations having the effect and strength of laws.

The Congress circumvented public curiosity,
For laws and regulations were enacted separately,
Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle fitting into place,
With different reasons given for such laws in every case.

Of course there was a grand design developed secretly,
And so there was no reason to make laws "coherently".
The pieces would all fit in place according to the plan,
Regardless of their order from the time it all began.

But first, and in continuance, a "righteous fraud" was built,
To foster "the awareness of our nation's shame and guilt,
That there were children suffering and dying in despair,
In homes of their own parents, from the lack of proper care".

Such propaganda started, and became a public cause,
Before and during passage of the necessary laws,
So there would be "consensus of the public" finally,
To "save the children from their parents' acts of cruelty".

"Social Security" came to be the System's funding source,
With HHS in charge of paying out the funds, of course,
But also in full charge of "self-policing" fraud and waste,
And seeing that the "Child Protectors" did not act in haste.

But as to be expected, HHS fell prey to greed,
With those in charge corrupted by the power guaranteed,
And those providing services corrupted by the wealth,
Becoming evil, losing every trace of moral health.

No one had to tell each other how to lie and cheat,
And no one had to say the System would allow deceit,
But everyone insisted that the money mattered least
And saving children mattered most, while "child abuse" increased.

At first were five of every hundred children "needing saved"
Because of how their own, God-given parents had behaved,
But soon that number had increased to twenty, even more,
In every hundred children of especially the poor.

Of course there was no increase in the actual abuse.
Instead, the definition of this word became more loose,
To cover every method of parental discipline
And gestures of affection between children and their kin.

Touching children anywhere between their necks and knees,
In anger or affection, even as a playful tease,
Became a form of "child abuse," as it became defined,
For which a child could be removed from parents so inclined.

The simple raising of the voice became defined "a threat"
That "tortures children mentally by causing them to fret".
But in reverse, "the silent treatment" was abuse as well,
And teasing did become "harassment," as the records tell.

A bruise or mark of any kind required a report
By teachers, doctors, civil servants of most every sort,
Or else they stood at risk of prosecution and a fine
For "not reporting child abuse when witnessing a sign".

The common childhood accidents, from falls or fights or sports,
Resulted in the civil servants sending-in reports,
And social workers coming to investigate the cause,
Accompanied by armed police required by the laws.

The regulations stated that the Court would have control,
And have to issue orders that would specify the goal,
Before a child could be removed from home and family,
"Except when there was risk of harm or death immediately".

"A sense of danger imminent" would circumvent those laws,
So judges would not have to authorize the stated cause,
And social workers could remove a child immediately,
"Against the risk of harm or death from its own family".

So soon, as was expected, there was "risk" to every child,
And children were removed before the court-complaints were filed,
And judges were not made aware 'til cases had been built,
When parents had to come to court already found "in guilt".

A child removed on Friday, as the most of children were,
Would not appear 'til Tuesday, as did normally occur,
For weekends did not count against the statutory time
By which the Court would have to hear "the charges less than crime".

But even then, the child and parents saw a "referee,"
And it would be a longer time before a "judge" they'd see,
And even longer until "visitations" would begin
Between the child and parents that had been so taken in.

In suddenness, without a warning, children were removed,
Without the need that any accusations had been proved,
And kept in secret hiding from the parents so accused,
While "air-tight cases" had been built to show they were "abused".

But, is this not America, where justice is a right,
And everyone is innocent when charges come to light,
And it's the burden of the Courts to prove a person's guilt,
Requiring that in advance a show of cause is built?

Oh yes, these concepts still exist for criminal affairs
And civil matters, as the Constitution so declares,
But they do not exist in Courts defined as "Juvenile"
Which are controlled by laws of a completely different style.

These Courts are secret chambers, without public scrutiny,
Where justice for the ones accused is not a guarantee,
Where parents have no rights and no protections by the laws,
Where guilt applies unless disproven by some show of cause.

But, innocence cannot be proven, for it's "negative,"
Producing no "hard evidence" that those accused can give,
And there can be no witnesses to actions never done,
So "guilt" remained at last as when proceedings were begun.

Yet, parents got no "guilty" verdicts that they could appeal,
But only "findings that the charges could in fact be real,
So there can be no chances taken as to if they're true,
But services must be provided as appearing due".

And there you have the motive for such treatment by the Court,
Which was to order "Services" of every type and sort,
For both the children and their parents, at tremendous cost,
With no true limits, from a fund the Courts could not exhaust.

But why, you ask, would Courts so order money to be spent?
Would that not just increase the costs of local government?
Remember, Children's Services were paid by HHS,
So what could be the "profit motive"? Care to make a guess?

Although it was "Federal," controlled by HHS,
The program was administered by powers that were less.
The States and all their Counties would administer the laws
And order all the Services for Child Protective cause.

But, "Services Providers" would be private entities,
As States would license through the local Welfare Agencies,
And they were the receivers of the trillions that were paid,
With scant accountability for money that they made.

Incomes of Providers are entirely "tax-free,"
Regardless of amounts that they receive from agencies,
So they do not report their incomes to the government,
And they don't have to give accounts of how their funds are spent.

But, how can judges profit when they order Services?
They're salaried officials in elective offices!
Their salaries are set by law and paid by government!
So are they not accountable for monies made and spent?

This question and these exclamations seem a good defense,
As "bribery" is still illegal in the governments.
But, "campaign contributions" are not classed as bribery,
And "campaign spending" can include some forms of luxury.

In theory, judges have to be elected for some years,
Then re-elected, although this is not as it appears.
In practice, judges are appointed, "vacancies" to fill,
Then stay in office "undefeated" by each chosen shill.

Only lawyers can be judges, no one else can run.
But, lawyers must face judges, and their cases must be won,
If they're to be "successful," measured by the fees they earn,
And so there is this lesson that each lawyer has to learn:

"Don't ever anger judges, or your clients will all lose,
So you will not be one of lawyers wealthy clients choose.
And judges do get angry when opposed politically
By lawyers that intend to win elections honestly."

A well-kept secret is that re-elections are assured,
And very rare are judges who have not in fact endured
To serve as many terms as wished before retirement,
While pleasing only friends of theirs within the government.

So, judges do not need to spend donations on campaigns,
And such donations do not count as monetary gains
Until they are converted, as "donations left unspent,"
When judges leave their offices upon retirement.

Another way to bribe a judge through "purely legal" means
Is Real Estate transactions as arranged "behind the scenes",
To either sell a property for less than had been paid,
Or buy at many times its worth, when secret deals are made.

There are no audits of a judge's personal estate,
Or questions as to why his profits are obscenely great,
Or questions as to why his campaign funds are barely spent.
It is as if a judge gets wealthy just by accident.

Of course the same applies to other agents of the States,
Who manage to build up tremendous personal estates
While earning only slightly more than average salary
And living far beyond their means, at least apparently.

Remember, payments for "providing Service" do not count,
Regardless of the number, and regardless of amount,
For purposes of tax-reporting to the government,
Or having to account for how such income had been spent.

So, government officials and employees were well paid
For Child Protective Services decisions that they made,
By also serving as "Providers" of such services
As ordered or arranged within their public offices.

A common form of payment was as "Expert Witness Fees,"
Amounting to some multiples of normal salaries,
For government employees called to testify in Courts
To "validate" the findings they had written in reports.

A doctor, for example, being paid a salary
To run a county's "Sexual Abuse Facility,"
Would have his daily pay quadrupled, and expenses paid,
While testifying details of the findings that he made.

Social Workers could be both employed by government
And be in business for themselves with profit as intent,
Including those who managed Child Protective agencies,
Who also could collect some hefty "Expert Witness Fees".

Policemen, Sheriff's deputies, Attorneys of all sorts,
Along with Politicians, and employees of the Courts,
Would share the wealth as Foster Parents, being highest paid,
For children having "special needs" by false assessments made.

Remember, most of children had been taken from the poor,
The ones receiving Welfare, having little income more,
Which families received small monthly payments for each child,
With Medicaid and Food Stamps, once their papers had been filed.

But, even though such parents got a pittance to survive,
Along with food and medicines to keep their kids alive,
The Foster Parents would be paid a very handsome rate
To keep the children of the poor once taken by the State.

"Basic Payments" for each child were nearly four times more
Than HHS was paying to their families before,
Along with Food Stamps, Medicaid, and Clothes-Allowances,
To cover all expenses and disease-occurrences.

Remember also that such payments counted as "tax-free,"
Regardless of the income of the Foster Family,
And so the Basic Payments were "net profits" to be made
On every child for which the Foster Parents would be paid.

The children who had "Special Needs" would bring a whole lot more
To Foster Parents, although not to families before,
And also not to Foster Parents of the "private" sort,
But to the ones connected somehow to the Children's Court.

So, what were "Special Needs," and who determined the degree?
This designation was applied just arbitrarily,
By "Special Needs Committees" that each County authorized,
Who were civilian Foster Parents wearing this disguise.

But, Foster Care was not just handled individually,
In private homes, by private parties chosen carefully.
There also were the "Group Homes" and the "Care Facilities,"
Which qualified as multi-million-dollar industries.

These each were "Corporations Not For Profit" legally,
That paid no taxes on their incomes or their property,
Whose records were kept private, without public scrutiny,
The same as "The Red Cross," or any other "charity".

They each had their Directors, who were paid a "sliding fee"
Dependent on their budgets, as with every charity,
And so there were directors earning more than judges do,
With multi-million-dollar incomes garnered by a few.

So, who were these directors, and how did they qualify?
Were licenses to run such Group Homes easy to come by?
In fact, there were no "mere civilians" earning this high pay,
But only those connected to the Children's Court some way.

The relatives and trusted friends of public officers,
Not randomly-selected qualifying commoners,
Were licensed by the States to run such Care Facilities,
The same as with the highest-income Foster Families.

Now, there were other "twists and turns" of which I am aware,
Involved with Child Protective Service and with Foster Care,
By which the public coffers had been drained, for many years,
Of dollars by the trillions, by officials and their peers.

But, it would be superfluous to specify some more,
So adding them to this long work would be a needless chore.
The picture has been painted, and the point has been well made,
Of vast corruption, un-pent greed, and "crime that really paid".

You'll notice that I used the past tense often, by design,
And that I passed this knowledge as if it were only mine,
And that I made these allegations with the proofs not shown,
And that the only name appearing will be mine alone.

I gained this knowledge at first-hand, along with so much more,
While acting as an unpaid agent of the very poor,
As authorized by laws and regulations of the State,
For seven years, while powers of this system were most great.

My children had been taken, although very soon returned,
And it was through this brief involvement that I quickly learned
The motives and the methods and the opportunities
Of greedy persons in the Child Protective agencies.

Although the System still exists, vast changes have been made,
And there are fewer persons getting rich and overpaid
For Services provided to the poorest families,
And HHS has fewer powers and authorities.

The Public Pensions have been moved from HHS control,
The Social Workers play a less discretionary role,
The Referees and Judges have less power than before,
And efforts have been made the public coffers to restore.

The prisons have been emptied, and are being emptied yet,
Of parents who had been convicted, sentences to get,
For crimes that had not been committed, but were "proven true"
Through lies of Expert Witnesses and of their children, too.

(Oh yes, the tiny children were allowed to testify,
And they repeated, word-for-word, each well-implanted lie
That they had learned from Therapists who trained the children so
By methods that each County's "child protectors" came to know.)

But, this is not about the methods that were widely used
To prove that every taken child had been somehow abused.
And this is not about the changes that have taken place
Which keep such methods from now being used in every case.

And this is not about the money that this System drained
While most of the "embedded" cheating methods yet remained,
Except to show that it was "money" that had fueled this cause,
And not "the interests of the children," nor "the love of laws".

This is about the ways and means and motives stated here,
Which were far more sophisticated than how they appear,
That caused so many honest people to become confused,
Believing that so many children were indeed abused.

But mostly, this is now intended to assign the blame
For all the evils now extant, as subsequently came,
Resulting from the damages to children of those times,
Who are now grown, and who are now committing vicious crimes.

These children had been raised by strangers, not by parents true,
Believing they had been deserted, starved and beaten, too,
By parents who were crazed by sex and drugs and alcohol,
Who worshipped Satan, and so would have killed them after all.

From Foster Parents, Therapists, and other children, too,
They heard the detailed "horror stories" that were told as true,
So learned to hate their parents, and to blame society,
While leading hollow, loveless lives, in false security.

Of course there are exceptions, and there is some normalcy
Among these millions who grew up in State dependency,
But many are now "sociopaths," with only self-concern,
And no respect for others, for no morals did they learn.

Not all of them are "criminal" to any high degree,
But most of them hold secret hatred for society,
And human life has little value in some of their minds,
And "love" just means "attractions" of the many different kinds.

And please remember, these once-victims of the governments
Had been set free, and they had spread corruptive influence
Among the "normal" children of the "normal" families,
So, many other children did contract this same disease.

Among the current generation, there is far more crime
Than has occurred within this land at any other time,
Involving children both as victims and as criminals,
With killings of themselves, their parents and their animals.

And further, there are far more "teenaged mothers" than before,
More drug abuse, more drunken children, "rebels" even more.
The schools have lost control of students; teachers live in fear,
And Law-enforcement agencies are "stuck in second gear".

The Government is blaming parents for the current mess,
While its own role it's keeping secret, and will not confess.
But, as the "Parens Patriae," with ultimate control,
The Government must shoulder blame for failure in this role.

Because it took authority away from parents true,
While leaving them responsible for things their children do,
It violated "laws of nature" that our Maker set,
And broke the chain of discipline, which chain is broken yet.

"The Government" is not a person or a family
Instead, it is an institution, legal entity,
Which has no mind or spirit, and no genealogy,
That's run by groups of people that are changing constantly.

So, all that it can "parent" are the laws that it invents,
And all that it can "raise" is money for its own intents,
And all that it can "teach" is that it has authority
Without a guiding conscience and without morality.

There is no single person in the whole of Government
That can be held responsible, or suffer punishment,
For passing and enforcing laws that prove to be mistakes
By leaving human suffering and evil in their wakes.

So, this is not a call to punish anyone involved.
The past mistakes of "child protectors" cannot be resolved.
This is a call to change the laws before it is too late,
To keep from making many other "Children of the State".

The concept, "Parens Patriae," was bogus from the start.
A parent cannot be without a conscience and a heart,
And cannot be without descent and without ancestry,
Or else there are no reasons to raise children morally.

Unlike a dog or cat, or any lower animal,
A human has a third component which is "Spiritual".
So, body, mind and Spirit all require parental care,
Parental love, parental guidance, each in equal share.

But, human children also need Protection for all three,
Protections that are recognized within Psychiatry
As built-in, or "inherent," meaning God had put them in,
Against their parents' minds and bodies which are prone to sin.

Exclusive to us humans is the "Incest Barrier,"
Between "related" persons whom are each its "carrier,"
Which keeps their personal relations "anti-sexual,"
While yet allowing love to be expressed as mutual.

But, there is not this barrier in Foster Families,
As there cannot be incest in the slightest of degrees,
If there are no connections through the spirits, blood and genes.
So, Foster Children cannot be protected by this means.

Against beliefs as fostered or encouraged by the State,
Which false beliefs made "child abusers" subject to more hate,
No woman, and no man, in all recorded history,
Had ever crossed this barrier with their young progeny.

Of course some parent-children incest did in fact occur,
Involving "adult children" in the cases that there were,
But none involving "infants and small children" had been known,
Or been alleged, or been suspected, or been somehow shown.

It was when all the Child Protective Laws were put in place,
In this one nation, in these times, that such became the case.
No, not that it had happened, but that it became "alleged"
And subsequently "proven," as with other charges wedged.

"Parental pedophilic incest," new beneath the Sun,
Was in this nation, in these times, by government begun.
It never was a syndrome classed within Psychiatry,
And it was absent from the balance of all history.

But, "Children of the State," as were removed from their own kin,
Were often victims of their Foster Parents' acts of sin,
For there were many Pedophiles attracted to this cause,
Enjoying sex with children as supplied to them through laws.

"Sexual Perversion," in itself "not felony,"
Was not to be considered as a "negativity"
For purposes of being licensed to give Foster Care,
Or even for Adoptions, so the perverts got their share.

And so, the "Parens Patriae" has proven itself wrong,
And that it has existed as an entity too long.
It should not be permitted to take any children more,
As this is not a part of what the Government is for.

The only hope for normalcy in generations new
Is giving back authority to parents, as their due,
So children will know discipline with love, as it should be,
From those who have true stakes in them through genealogy.

There always will be "child abuse," as there has always been,
But in the small percentage found when these laws did begin,
Instead of in the higher number which includes the fake,
As now reported for the system's own financial sake.

Our children are protected under preexisting laws,
And so there was no purpose for the Child Protective Cause,
Except to drain the public coffers into private hands,
Which purpose was successful in the system as it stands.

Now, it is just as easy to repeal these harmful laws
As it was to enable them for sake of this bad cause.
The government is run by different persons than before,
So, prior "inside contacts" don't hold powers anymore.

This call is to dissemble the entire industry
That grew around the "Parens Patriae" authority,
Regardless of the loss of jobs this industry provides,
Or of the loss of wealth that this vast industry now hides.

Our future generations must now get priority,
Above considerations of "defense," "economy,"
Or any other facets of the standing governments,
Or else there will be much more killing of our innocents.

Our nation would not be excused; no other nations were;
For causing sins and crimes against our children to occur,
No matter that it's "legal" and it's done by government,
Or even that it might be done with purest of intent.

"The guilty shall not be set free, and innocents must live,"
Is written as the only orders God had chose to give
To those who would become the leaders of the governments,
Who otherwise would have dominion in the broadest sense.

I swear that all of this is true and highly accurate,
According to the knowledge that I was allowed to get.
Although I don't include the names and offer evidence,
The truth of what I've written is for honest men to sense.

I take the risk that anyone could alter what I've said,
So that my message would not be as clear when it is read,
Or so it would include some words or verses not from me,
Or seem I had omitted certain verses purposely.

So, if you understand this work that I have put to rhyme,
And if you are a leader in this nation at this time,
And if you are not obligated to this industry,
Then you will exercise your own responsibility.

If you are not a leader, but believe and understand,
And see the dangers as exist for children in our land,
Then send this as a letter to your representative,
Requesting that he read it and his own opinion give.

Author's cover letter.