Wednesday March 7, 2007 — My 20 year old Richmond is fighting for his life with liver cancer because of Ritalin. Last year I wrote a poem and had it published dedicated to him I am sharing this with you. Please continue to pray for him.

Ode To Richmond

Bluish green in color he entered this world
Just before I cut his umbilical cord.
Happy with spirit and energy was he,
The school says, "there's a problem"
Must be ADHD.
Ritalin is the answer... IT SURELY MUST BE.
It took away his spirit, his energy, his glee
Made him very stoic, much like an elm tree.
The one thing that we did not expect,
The drug had a very ugly major negative side effect.
Twenty years old, Richmond is fighting for his life
With tumors in his liver he is fighting with all his might.
My child's condition, I can't bear the thought,
When the doctor prescribed it
This effect was not taught. If your child
Has spirit, don't kill them with drugs,
Instead of Ritalin give praises and hugs.

Minister Ronald E. Smith, CEO
Children Need Both Parents, Inc.

Source: email to krightsradioemailgroup

Richmond Smith passed away on April 27, 2007.