Lost Innocence

by Irene Renee Petit

He cried as he left the warmth of his mother's tender womb.
And She cried tears of joy as she held her first-born...a son!
And his crying stopped...he was safe.
Did he know at that most peaceful moment of his new life what lay ahead for him?
Did he know that when asked, "Do you ever feel like shaking the baby?"
That his mother, young and naive, would reply honestly, "I had that feeling once, but would NEVER do it."
Did he know that by just that statement, they'd snatch him away from her life,
And tear her heart and soul out along with him?
"My Baby," she cried, "My Baby!
I didn't do anything wrong!"

But they didn't care...why should they?

Did he wonder where that lady went--
the one who held him close to her breast,
who soothed him with the familiar sound of her heartbeat?
Did he look for the face of the first woman he'd fallen in love with?
Did he search for her scent, and listen for the comforting sweetness of her voice?
Did he wish he could express what he was feeling?
"My MOMMY!" he'd scream, "My MOMMY!
Please give me back to my MOMMY!
She didn't do anything wrong!"

But all he could do was cry.
And all she could do was cry.

And all they could do was laugh
As they watched her spirit die.