It's Enough To Break Your Heart

by a former group home worker

So much trouble - so much strife,
So many families ripped apart,
"Leave your husband - leave your wife,"
"Don't take my baby - he's my life,"
CPS rips homes apart,
It's enough to break your heart,

Juvy justice breaks all rules,
And the system's full of fools,
Children bounced from place to place,
Broken hearts and teary face,
Find another - fill the space,
CPS is a disgrace,

Spouses must never ever fight,
And must raise their children right,
For if you do one thing that's wrong,
To the state they will belong,
Crying in foster homes all night,
Lying in court to get along,

Justice bought and justice sold,
Believing every tale that's told,
Children coached in tales to tell,
Parents spending years in jail,
Juries never have a doubt,
Until the truth finally comes out,
How CPS has used its clout,

Children crying every night,
As they live in foster fright,
Praying to the God above,
To send them back where they are loved,
But their homes are torn apart,
And they're just numbers on a chart,
It's enough to break your heart,

What God gives the system takes,
And its professionals are fakes,
The state now owns husband and wife,
Uses your children to control your life,
If you don't do everything they say,
They'll take your little ones away,
Yes, CPS rips homes apart,
It's enough to break your heart.

copyright Enterprise News, Pixley, California 1990
Used by permission of the publisher and author.
I'm sure that if you want to use this poem on your flyers, both the publisher and author would be pleased to have you do so.