Esther Joy Phillips, age 15, is one of ten children taken from their home in Hillisburg Indiana in May 2001. She is separated from her parents and siblings. Here are two poems she wrote in response to her experience:


[Division of Family and Children]

You sit there for hours
With nothing to do,
While they use their powers
To work against you.

They pick you apart
And tell all their lies.
They tear out your heart,
Ignoring your cries.

They think they're so cool.
They think they're so nice.
They're just like a mule,
And inside they're like ice.

You're never innocent,
No matter what you say.
They're like a mad elephant.
They'll stomp you anyway.

You'll never be free
From their owl eyes.
Can mess up your lives.

Beware, Beware
Of their evil claws.
They really don't care
About any laws.

I really hope
You never will see,
And never have to cope
With how cruel they can be.

So stay in your houses,
And stay in your farms.
They'll rip your kids
Right out of your arms.

They'll put them in homes
You'll never see.
They'll leave them alone--
Just ask me.

Enough's been submitted
About this organization.
If they're permitted,
They'd tear up our nation.


I'm hurting so deeply,
Doesn't anybody understand?
Out of all these people,
Not a one will hold my hand.

Doesn't anybody care
About how much I've lost?
Is anybody out there--
Someone that I can trust?

My heart is loudly crying,
But no one can hear,
'Cause no one is trying
To remove what I fear.

They turn their faces away,
Trying not to see my pain.
There is so much they could say,
But they always refrain.

Can anybody hear me?
Does anyone know
A place where I'll be free?
A refuge where I can go?

Take me away from all the sorrow
To a quiet place--
A refuge until tomorrow
I can rest in God's embrace.