I am your community social worker,
I am a lying Mother Fucker!

I will smile for you, when you open the door,
But once inside, I'll be slick as a whore!

I will tell you exactly what you want to hear,
I'll tell you I want to help you, I'll tell you I care.

But back to my office, I'll run like a rat,
But not too fast, for I am ugly and fat!

I will make up some lies, and untruths too,
No one will question me, no one but you.

And who are you to question me?
I am not accountable to anybody!

I have too much power for my own good,
I took your children, cause I knew I could!

I will abuse my authority, to laugh in your face,
But when around others, I will act real nice!

Society thinks, I'm here to help you and your kids,
When in fact, I'm so jealous, I need to take meds!

I take my meds, cause my life is so pathetic,
And to watch you in misery,makes me ecstatic!

And I feel so much better, when watching your pain
Why................ because your loss is my gain!

It gives me a tingle, deep in my crotch,
I then tighten my belt, another notch!

I am not even sorry, for hurting you and others,
You'd think I'd be ashamed, stealing babies from their mothers!

But it is now that I start, to feel a li'l scared,
because if parents unite, they'll be a force to be feared

If parents unite, they will have their day,
Then no more tricks, I shall play!

I never thought, that the poor and proud,
would fight back, with voices so loud!

Oh forgive me dear parents, for all my lies and shit!
I really thought, that I would get away with it!

So back to my gutter, like a rat, I shall scurry,
For when I'm found out, I know I'll be sorry!!

Source: Legally Kidnapped August 22, 2011