CCAS Decoded

The following document is part of a message from Beatrice Kemp, Executive Director of the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Hamilton (Ontario). We have decided to assist readers by uncovering the fog normally clouding pronouncements from children's aid societies. Move the cursor over any of the yellow highlighted words to have the fog removed.

Unprecedented growth in demand funding for services.         fostercarceration.

Since 2000, the number of children in our care incarcerated increased 59%, new referralssnitches  increased 211%, and the number of families we helpruin with ongoing  services separation increased 201%. Last year we worked withthreatened  more than 5,200 children and families. To meet this tremendous demand funding growth we’ve had to almost double our staffgoons. Our physical setting is severely hampering us. We need surroundings more beneficial to calming subduing a child coming into our care.     incarceration. Our play rooms,  padded cells, family quiet      humiliation rooms, visiting    surveillance and counselling   indoctrination rooms are inadequate and in short supply. We are bursting at the seams and must improve facilities now.

To meet our needs we are expanding by 8,000 square feet and renovating every floor. This is a great opportunity to create a more welcoming terrifying and more comforting  intimidating place that will help us deliver programs             crackpot junk science to assist  separate children and families even more effectively.

Source: Catholic Children's Aid Society of Hamilton