A Christmas Message to Howard (A child abused by CAS)

(Dec 23, 2005) Dear Howard - It has been brought to the attention of Court Watch that the CAS workers who have drugged, beaten and sexually abused you are now forcing you to say things which are not true and that you are currently living in terror of the CAS workers who have abused you for so long and who have forced you back to live with your violent and abusive mother who you once told threatened you with a knife and who witnessed say throw you down an open staircase. We know that you still remember us and we know that you remember how we told you when we met you in person to never give up hope. Howard, we have not forgotten you, neither have your friends who played with you in the backyard when the Blackout of 1993 hit Ontario just days before the CAS workers took you away, never to be seen again by your friends. When you have the courage to come forth with the truth and when you are ready to stand up against those CAS workers and your mother who has abused you for so many years, we will be here to help you take those CAS workers and the CAS agency responsible to court and to make those responsible be accountable for their actions. Remember Howard, never give up and never lie for those evil CAS workers and your Office of the Children's lawyer who you have told us have lied and who have done so much wrong to you. Soon you will be old enough to leave your abusive situation with your mother and to return to see the father and your friends who still love you and are waiting to see you again. With the truth Howard, we will make these CAS workers pay for the evil and malicious acts that they have done to separate you from your loving father and your friends.

(A message from Howard's friends and supporters who have not seen or heard from Howard since the CAS took him away over 2 years ago after he complained about being sexually abused by a CAS worker and drugged and abused in a CAS group home and lied to and coerced by his lawyer from Ontario's Office of the Children's Lawyer.)

To you CAS workers who have abused and terrorized Howard and to the lawyer with Ontario's Office of the Children's Lawyer who sold Howard out in what would appear to protect the CAS workers and their interests - we have not mentioned names but you people know who you are. Altering court transcripts, hiding behind lies will only protect you for so long. Yes, when Howard gets free of your influence and the influence of his violent and abusive mother who you people have helped to protect, we will be here to help him to make each of you personally accountable for your crimes. In time, Howard will no longer be terrified by your threats and he will be mature enough to come forth with the truth in the name of justice.