Karol Karolak
5530 Glen Erin Dr. #110
Mississauga, Ont. L5M 6E8

July 20th 2005

Her Majesty the Queen Elisabeth the Second
The Queen of Canada
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA
The United Kingdom

Your Majesty,

I am sending you an update on my efforts to stop this despicable reintroduction of the Bill C-38 so called gay/lesbian marriage Bill. Without any public debate this Bill replaces concept of a natural parent of the child with the concept of "legal parent" of a child if there is such a thing.

Current provincial legislation regarding child protection and adoption allows apprehension of children under any flimsy excuse and this latest legal manoeuvre opens up the door for wholesale stealing of children from their parents and sale of these children to the highest bidder. It will allow provincial government to terrorise citizenry by a threat that their children will be apprehended and sold to gay and lesbian couples.

This legalization of gay/lesbian marriages in conjunction with the fact that the age of sexual consent set at 14 years according to Criminal Code of Canada It will allow sexual exploitation of adopted children. We already have baby breeding farms where children stolen by the state are forced to engage in sexual activities in privately run foster homes and group homes.

Children born to the teenage girls in these homes are be subsequently sold as the current prices are reaching 40000.00 $ per Caucasian newborn child.

Your Majesty you are our last line of defence, Bill C - 38 has already cleared Canadian Senate. The only thing that can stop it from becoming a law is your refusal to give it a Royal Ascent.

Your Majesty, we your humble servants beg you, please help as.



Canadian citizen, Her Majesty's subject, obywatel III Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej
Karol Karolak, Father, Human Being, Professional Engineer, Naval Architect,