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Subject: Children's Gestapo

Would you kindly circulate my letter among the Media and the Members of Parliament and the police and ask them to forward their questions to PRIME MINISTER MARTIN pm@pm.gc.ca of Canada.

Our children and all children desperately need your help!

Thank you
Aneurin Ellis

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Subject: Children's Gestapo

Aneurin Ellis
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June 8th 2005

The Right Honourable Paul Martin P.M, M.P.
Prime Minister of Canada
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Ottawa, ON
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Re: Children's Gestapo (FCSWR) of New Berlin (Kitchener)

Dear Prime Minister Martin,

I am writing this letter to ask for your intervention. I live with my family in Kitchener, Ontario. For more than two years now the Family and Children Services of the Waterloo Region has subjected us to criminal harassment. This organisation with the name sounding as if it is a government entity in reality is a criminal organisation very much like "La Cosa Nostra" also better known in United States as the Mafia. It is registered with the Canadian Government as a so-called charitable organisation under the name THE CHILDREN'S AID SOCIETY OF THE REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY OF WATERLOO and has governing structure of a charitable organisation where an unknown number of members of this so called charity "elect" a board of directors. Last financial statement filed with Canada Revenue Agency for 2004 shows that despite almost 40 million dollars of the operating budget this organisation has collected only $210 in charitable donations. This $210 allows this organisation to maintain charitable status and completely avoid government scrutiny, and allows the government to completely avoid its fiduciary duties and responsibilities. This organisation under its concocted name carries out its activities pretending that it is a government organisation. It has powers vested to it by the provincial government exceeding those vested to the police, it operates in complete secrecy very much like German Gestapo during Second World War and when confronted with accusations of wrongdoing it hides behind $210 charitable donation and complete unaccountability afforded to real charities.

Registered Charity Information Return

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Total tax-receipted gifts 4500 $ 210
Total gifts received from other registered charities 4510
Total specified gifts included in line 4510 4520
Total other gifts 4530 $ 190,669
Revenue from federal government 4540
Revenue from provincial/territorial governments 4550 $ 37,786,135
Revenue from municipal/regional governments 4560
Total revenue from government 4570 $ 37,786,135
Interest and investment income 4580
Proceeds from disposition of assets
· gross 4590
· net 4600
Rental income (land and buildings) 4610
Memberships, dues, and association fees (non tax-receipted) 4620
Total revenue from fundraising 4630
Total revenue from sale of goods and services (except to government) 4640
Other revenue 4650 $ 1,739,547
Total revenue 4700 $ 39,716,561

Current management structure of Family and Children Services of the Waterloo Region is such it's president of the Board of Directors is Mr. Kevin Chalk, who is at the same time acting as Superintendent of Waterloo Regional Police Service and it seems that the Family and Children Services of the Waterloo Region is just an unaccountable extension of the local Police or "Super Secret Police" that can enter homes without a warrant and apprehend children as unjustified punishment, extortion, blackmail or simply way to terrorize citizenry. It can also be viewed that Waterloo Police Service is acting as an extension and a completely unaccountable criminal organization. Mr. Kevin Chalk's official title is, Superintendent of the Community Mobilization Division, Region of Waterloo Police, this title when translated to the German language has direct historic parallels to the Nazi Gestapo.

The Executive Director of the Family and Children Services of the Waterloo Region is Mr. Peter Ringrose transplanted British Probation Officer from Nottingham. Mr. Peter Ringrose is also acting as Chair of the Community Safety & Crime Prevention Council at the Municipal Government of Waterloo Region. As anyone can see this concentration of power with one man having a background in the British correctional community, and the other a very strong connection in the law enforcement community, both of them in charge of a "very secretive charitable organization" with power to enter private residence without warrant and apprehend without court order create a situation that is unbearable, oppressive and conducive to corrupt and criminal abuse of power and authority of otherwise a legitimate and democratically elected government.

According to my knowledge, none of the two men were elected to their positions and none of them are accountable to any democratically elected government body. This arrangement has lead to unchecked abuse of my family and countless other families in the region and I desperately plead for your intervention.


Aneurin Ellis

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