British MP John Hemming has taken up the cause of families falsely accused in the family courts. You can read his personal site and blog.

In a series of videos on YouTube he introduces some of the victims. The introductory video presents:

  • Angela Cannings. She spent two years in jail on a life sentence for causing the crib deaths of two of her children. Later investigation by the BBC found that she had a family history of crib death.
  • William Bache, solicitor for many of the founders.
  • Marianne Williams. She was convicted, and later exonerated, in the salt poisoning of her son Joshua. The boy was born twelve weeks prematurely and required salt supplements to compensate for a kidney malfunction that expelled too much salt.
  • Penny Mellor. Mrs Mellor is a long-time advocate for families persecuted by family law. She was instrumental in bringing down Dr David Southall, an expert employed by British social services to jail innocent parents. Mrs Mellor herself was convicted for shielding a family from the child protection system.
  • Angela and Ian Gay. This couple adopted foster child Christian Blewitt. When the boy was found dead with high levels of sodium, the couple was convicted of killing him when experts testified they force-fed him salt as punishment. After a four-year legal ordeal, better informed experts convinced the courts that the boy suffered from a medical condition called reset osmostat that impaired the regulation of his body salt.
  • John Hemming, MP

John Hemming chaired a parliamentary lobby on March 28, 2007. Five YouTube vidios record the proceedings.

Following a minute of silence in honor of the late Sally Clark, Ian Gay and Angela Gay speak about their ordeal.
Speakers William Bache, Marianne Williams and Angela Cannings.
Qutestions for Angela Cannings and John Hemming.
Discussion on the question from the BBC: How many people are wrongly in jail? And a later question: Why do so many experts get it wrong? John Hemming answers with a case in which a child was taken into care to be a research subject, but would not have been taken if the parents had consented to the research.
Further discussion of the last question and closing.

Another lobby took place on May 16, 2007.

Jack Frost reports that social services employs ex-convicts, and some social workers operate under fake names. An expert witness, Gene Morrison, is serving time for providing testimony under fake credentials. The agency registering experts does not check credentials.
Chris Smith. He lost two children to child protectors.
Marianne Key. She took her child for medical care and lost all children to social services. Her lawyer blindly chose an expert for her who turned out to be a charletain. Only the intervention of competent counsel allowed her to get her children back.
Wendy Coulter.
Mr Eric Coulter.
John Hemming speaks. Then Barry Aspinall, a former councilor, speaks about his inability to control his subordinates in social services. When he got a case into the press, social services brought a gag order against him, and he was required to defend himself in court without legal help.
Chris Smith again.
Jack Frost again. Children are adopted out of their religion. Known genetic defects of children are concealed from adoptive parents, to make the kids more marketable.
Eric Coulter again. Secrecy covers incompetence and misrepresentation. An audience member comments on deliberate delays. Another questioner asks why adoption cannot be reversed after it is shown to be fraudulent.
Discussion of publishing pictures of children up for adoption while parents are gagged. Wendy Coulter discusses use of phrase "risk of significant harm". Julie answers, the phrase is undefined in the law.
Discussion of open adoption.