Rally for Accountability
Queens Park Toronto
October 4, 2010 Cheri diNovo

Cheri diNovo Sheila White

Sheila White speaker at rally Chris York

Chris York crowd at Rally for Accountability, Queens Park October 4, 2010

click on image for more resolution Kelly Mackin

Kelly Mackin Steven Rudd

Steven Rudd Molly Bannerman

Molly Bannerman Florence Taylor

Florence Taylor Chris Carter

Chris Carter speaker at rally Lisa L Porter

Lisa L Porter Catherine Frei

Catherine Frei Julian Ichim

Julian Ichim speaker at rally

Foregoing photos by Robert T McQuaid Tammy McIntyre

Tammy McIntyre Jeff Leal

Lotte Smith holds sign next to Peterborough MPP Jeff Leal Sheila White and Neil Haskett

Sheila White with Neal Haskett

Foregoing three photos by Sean Scott Catherine Frei, Neil Haskett and Norm Miller

Catherine Frei and Neil Haskett speaking with MPP Norm Miller (wearing blue tie)

Last photo by Chad Wells