Cobourg Rally
October 15, 2010

The photos and captions below come from Linda Plourde. The rally occurred on the afternoon of October 15, 2010. The clock embedded in the camera was behind by around 13 hours.

reporter speaks to Cobourg Ontario rally for CAS accountability
I attended a rally in Cobourg, Ontario Friday the 15th, 2010 running by Scott Wilson. It was heart warming for me to hear their passion for the families, and children. They welcome me with open arms. This young lady taking note was a reporter, but she left before I was able to get her name.

Tristen:  I want my brother home
God bless this little boy. That poster really hit me hard. I believe his name is Tristen.

Cobourg rally in front of Plourdemobile

Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly holding a sign, kind heart.

Pete Fisher
I think this reporter was Pete Fisher from Northumberland Publishers, they also had 2 other reporters there, one was Moya Dillion, and the young girl sadly I didn't get her name

The more these children cry for help, CAS makes sure they are silenced
A family fighting for their family

Children's aid wants your kids. They destroy families.	Stop them all.

The more these children cry for help, CAS makes sure they are silenced

Seven ralliers in front of the Plourdemobile
A small group picture. I believe I should give a name to the big RV

Linda Plourde with Tristen
My heart goes out to this boy

Three ralliers before Plourdemobile

Source: Facebook, Linda Plourde