Character entity references in XHTML 1.0

This page lists all of the character entities defined in the W3C specification for XHTML 1.0. That document contains the following notice:

Portions © International Organization for Standardization 1986: Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.

C0 Controls and Basic Latin
"quot 34quotation mark
&amp 38ampersand
'apos 39apostrophe
APL quote
<lt 60less-than sign
>gt 62greater-than sign
Controls and Latin-1 Supplement
 nbsp 160no-break space
non-breaking space
¡iexcl 161inverted exclamation mark
¢cent 162cent sign
£pound 163pound sign
¤curren 164currency sign
¥yen 165yen sign
yuan sign
¦brvbar 166broken bar
broken vertical bar
§sect 167section sign
¨uml 168diaeresis
spacing diaeresis
©copy 169copyright sign
ªordf 170feminine ordinal indicator
«laquo 171left-pointing double angle quotation mark
left pointing guillemet
¬not 172not sign
­shy 173soft hyphen
discretionary hyphen
®reg 174registered sign
registered trade mark sign
¯macr 175macron
spacing macron
APL overbar
°deg 176degree sign
±plusmn 177plus-minus sign
plus-or-minus sign
²sup2 178superscript two
superscript digit two
³sup3 179superscript three
superscript digit three
´acute 180acute accent
spacing acute
µmicro 181micro sign
para 182pilcrow sign
paragraph sign
·middot 183middle dot
Georgian comma
Greek middle dot
¸cedil 184cedilla
spacing cedilla
¹sup1 185superscript one
superscript digit one
ºordm 186masculine ordinal indicator
»raquo 187right-pointing double angle quotation mark
right pointing guillemet
¼frac14 188vulgar fraction one quarter
fraction one quarter
½frac12 189vulgar fraction one half
fraction one half
¾frac34 190vulgar fraction three quarters
fraction three quarters
¿iquest 191inverted question mark
turned question mark
ÀAgrave 192capital A with grave
latin capital letter A grave
ÁAacute 193capital A with acute
ÂAcirc 194capital A with circumflex
ÃAtilde 195capital A with tilde
ÄAuml 196capital A with diaeresis
ÅAring 197capital A with ring above
latin capital letter A ring
ÆAElig 198capital AE
capital ligature AE
ÇCcedil 199capital C with cedilla
ÈEgrave 200capital E with grave
ÉEacute 201capital E with acute
ÊEcirc 202capital E with circumflex
ËEuml 203capital E with diaeresis
ÌIgrave 204capital I with grave
ÍIacute 205capital I with acute
ÎIcirc 206capital I with circumflex
ÏIuml 207capital I with diaeresis
ÐETH 208capital ETH
ÑNtilde 209capital N with tilde
ÒOgrave 210capital O with grave
ÓOacute 211capital O with acute
ÔOcirc 212capital O with circumflex
ÕOtilde 213capital O with tilde
ÖOuml 214capital O with diaeresis
×times 215multiplication sign
ØOslash 216capital O with stroke
latin capital letter O slash
ÙUgrave 217capital U with grave
ÚUacute 218capital U with acute
ÛUcirc 219capital U with circumflex
ÜUuml 220capital U with diaeresis
ÝYacute 221capital Y with acute
ÞTHORN 222capital THORN
ßszlig 223small sharp s
àagrave 224small a with grave
latin small letter a grave
áaacute 225small a with acute
âacirc 226small a with circumflex
ãatilde 227small a with tilde
äauml 228small a with diaeresis
åaring 229small a with ring above
latin small letter a ring
æaelig 230small ae
latin small ligature ae
çccedil 231small c with cedilla
èegrave 232small e with grave
éeacute 233small e with acute
êecirc 234small e with circumflex
ëeuml 235small e with diaeresis
ìigrave 236small i with grave
íiacute 237small i with acute
îicirc 238small i with circumflex
ïiuml 239small i with diaeresis
ðeth 240small eth
ñntilde 241small n with tilde
òograve 242small o with grave
óoacute 243small o with acute
ôocirc 244small o with circumflex
õotilde 245small o with tilde
öouml 246small o with diaeresis
÷divide 247division sign
øoslash 248small o with stroke
latin small letter o slash
ùugrave 249small u with grave
úuacute 250small u with acute
ûucirc 251small u with circumflex
üuuml 252small u with diaeresis
ýyacute 253small y with acute
þthorn 254small thorn
ÿyuml 255small y with diaeresis
Latin Extended-A
ŒOElig 338latin capital ligature OE
œoelig 339latin small ligature oe
ŠScaron 352latin capital letter S with caron
šscaron 353latin small letter s with caron
ŸYuml 376latin capital letter Y with diaeresis
Latin Extended-B
ƒfnof 402latin small f with hook
Spacing Modifier Letters
ˆcirc 710modifier letter circumflex accent
˜tilde 732small tilde,
ΑAlpha 913capital alpha
ΒBeta 914capital beta
ΓGamma 915capital gamma
ΔDelta 916capital delta
ΕEpsilon 917capital epsilon
ΖZeta 918capital zeta
ΗEta 919capital eta
ΘTheta 920capital theta
ΙIota 921capital iota
ΚKappa 922capital kappa
ΛLambda 923capital lambda
ΜMu 924capital mu
ΝNu 925capital nu
ΞXi 926capital xi
ΟOmicron 927capital omicron
ΠPi 928capital pi
ΡRho 929capital rho
ΣSigma 931capital sigma
ΤTau 932capital tau
ΥUpsilon 933capital upsilon
ΦPhi 934capital phi
ΧChi 935capital chi
ΨPsi 936capital psi
ΩOmega 937capital omega
αalpha 945small alpha
βbeta 946small beta
γgamma 947small gamma
δdelta 948small delta
εepsilon 949small epsilon
ζzeta 950small zeta
ηeta 951small eta
θtheta 952small theta
ιiota 953small iota
κkappa 954small kappa
λlambda 955small lambda
μmu 956small mu
νnu 957small nu
ξxi 958small xi
οomicron 959small omicron
πpi 960small pi
ρrho 961small rho
ςsigmaf 962small final sigma
σsigma 963small sigma
τtau 964small tau
υupsilon 965small upsilon
φphi 966small phi
χchi 967small chi
ψpsi 968small psi
ωomega 969small omega
ϑthetasym 977small theta symbol
ϒupsih 978upsilon with hook symbol
ϖpiv 982pi symbol
General Punctuation
ensp 8194 en space
emsp 8195 em space
thinsp 8201 thin space
zwnj 8204 zero width non-joiner
zwj 8205 zero width joiner
lrm 8206 left-to-right mark
rlm 8207 right-to-left mark
ndash 8211 en dash
mdash 8212 em dash
lsquo 8216 left single quotation mark
rsquo 8217 right single quotation mark
sbquo 8218 single low-9 quotation mark
ldquo 8220 left double quotation mark
rdquo 8221 right double quotation mark
bdquo 8222 double low-9 quotation mark
dagger 8224 dagger
Dagger 8225 double dagger
bull 8226 bullet
black small circle
NOT the same as bullet operator, 8729
hellip 8230 horizontal ellipsis
three dot leader
permil 8240 per mille sign
prime 8242 prime
Prime 8243 double prime
lsaquo 8249 single left-pointing angle quotation mark
rsaquo 8250 single right-pointing angle quotation mark
oline 8254 overline
spacing overscore
frasl 8260 fraction slash
euro 8364 euro sign
  Letterlike Symbols
weierp 8472 script capital P
power set
Weierstrass p
image 8465 blackletter capital I
imaginary part
real 8476 blackletter capital R
real part symbol
trade 8482 trade mark sign,
alefsym 8501 alef symbol
first transfinite cardinal
NOT the same as alef, 1488
larr 8592leftwards arrow
uarr 8593upwards arrow
rarr 8594rightwards arrow
darr 8595downwards arrow
harr 8596left right arrow
crarr 8629downwards arrow with corner leftwards
carriage return
lArr 8656leftwards double arrow
is implied by
uArr 8657upwards double arrow
rArr 8658rightwards double arrow
dArr 8659downwards double arrow
hArr 8660left right double arrow
Mathematical Operators
forall 8704for all
part 8706partial differential
exist 8707there exists
empty 8709empty set
null set
nabla 8711nabla
backward difference
isin 8712element of
notin 8713not an element of
ni 8715contains as member
prod 8719n-ary product
product sign
NOT the same as U+03A0 capital pi
sum 8721n-ary sumation
NOT the same as U+03A3 capital sigma
minus 8722minus sign
lowast 8727asterisk operator
radic 8730square root
radical sign
prop 8733proportional to
infin 8734infinity
ang 8736angle
and 8743logical and
or 8744logical or
cap 8745intersection
cup 8746union
int 8747integral
there4 8756therefore
sim 8764tilde operator
varies with
similar to
NOT the same as tilde, 0126
cong 8773approximately equal to
asymp 8776almost equal to
asymptotic to
ne 8800not equal to
equiv 8801identical to
le 8804less-than or equal to
ge 8805greater-than or equal to
sub 8834subset of
sup 8835superset of
nsub 8836not a subset of
sube 8838subset of or equal to
supe 8839superset of or equal to
oplus 8853circled plus
direct sum
otimes 8855circled times
vector product
perp 8869up tack
orthogonal to
sdot 8901dot operator
NOT the same as U+00B7 middle dot
Miscellaneous Technical
lceil 8968left ceiling
apl upstile
rceil 8969right ceiling
lfloor 8970left floor
apl downstile
rfloor 8971right floor
lang 9001left-pointing angle bracket
NOT the same as 0060 'less than' or 8249 'single left-pointing angle quotation mark'
rang 9002right-pointing angle bracket
NOT the same as 0062 'greater than' or 33360 'single right-pointing angle quotation mark'
Geometric Shapes
loz 9674lozenge
Miscellaneous Symbols
spades 9824black spade suit
clubs 9827black club suit
hearts 9829black heart suit
diams 9830black diamond suit