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Success vs CAS

April 1, 2015 permalink

Chris York recently had a CAS action against his family that he was not free to tell about. Now he can give the full story.



Chris York

April 1, 2015


Here it is folks......

As I was previously under a gag order via section 45(8) of the CFSA as you all are aware... today was the day I had to attend court against the CAS in a child protection case. Kim Shook was in attendance with me and first of all I would like to start by saying...

Kelly Aird (CAS worker).... I TOLD YOU SO!

Secondly it is with great pleasure to tell you all that the CAS has withdrew its application entirely as I knew they would with no findings of any child in need of protection and then went on to state that they wished to thank me for providing such great care for my children based on the medical info that was brought forward to the court and it is clear that myself and my wife Pam Smart-York are providing great care to meet the medical needs of both of our children and thanked us for providing such in depth reports to the court and as such fully believe that the childrens medical and emotional needs are being met. They stated cooperation is paramount in their investigation which of course I laughed under my breath as this never happend and never will.

So it is very possible folks to beat these monsters and as I stated before I DO PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH IN THIS GROUP WITH MY OWN ADVICE.

I hope others can learn from this and move forward and I look forward to assiting many more of you in the future going forward.

It is a bittersweet day and I feel like I just hoisted the Stanley Cup for the first time ever.

Case dismissed on the very 2nd court appearance and they stated that they hope they never have to see me in court again in the future.

As a result of the case no longer being a proceeding before the court section 45(8) NO LONGER APPLIES



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