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Rosie O’Donnell Stole My Baby

March 28, 2015 permalink

Celebrity Rosie O’Donnell started mothering in 1995 when she adopted a boy. Later she adopted Chelsea Belle O'Donnell, born in 1997, shared with her then same-sex partner Kelli Carpenter. For two decades she has given advice to parents, citing her own experiences as a mother. Her family life includes five children (none that she gave birth to), two same-sex divorces and one child repossessed because Florida did not allow same-sex foster parents.

Now Deanna Micoley, the real mother of Chelsea, has come forward. She says she was drugged by her ex, then compelled to sign a document relinquishing her baby that she called Kayla. Direct quote: "Rosie O’Donnell stole my baby." In direct communication with her real mother, Chelsea revealed that she despises bombastic Rosie.

In defense publicist Cindi Berger says Rosie “legally adopted” Chelsea from the non-profit Children of the World in New Jersey. In the days when celebrities were criticized for wearing fur coats, some defended themselves with: "I did not kill the animal, it was already dead when I bought it." Sorry, the purchase price paid for the killing of the animal. And Rosie's adoption fees paid for the forced separation of baby Kayla/Chelsea from her mother.

Here is an image of Deanna's letter to Rosie. Fixcas could not download the video of the interview, but Inside edition copied much of it to YouTube and local copy (mp4).




Deanna Micoley and Chelsea O’Donnell

Fresh from the scandals of her controversial exit from television’s “The View” and the sudden demise of her second same-sex marriage, Rosie O’Donnell has been plunged into an adoption scandal, The National ENQUIRER can reveal.

The biological mother of Rosie’s 17-year-old adopted daughter, Chelsea, has unmasked herself to the world to sensationally claim she was drugged up by her then-husband on heroin and forced to give up their child!

“I believe Rosie O’Donnell knew that I was in no condition to sign away my parental rights to my daughter!” Deanna Micoley, 37, told The ENQUIRER in a blockbuster exclusive interview.

“She did the worst thing one woman can do to another woman – take her child!”

Deanna was unhappily married and just 20 years old when, in Aug. 1997, she gave birth to a baby girl who she named Kayla. Two months later, her now ex-husband – whose name is being withheld by The ENQUIRER – forced her to give up their child to an adoption agency, it’s alleged.

“I may not have been the best mother back then. I did drugs and I have a criminal record because of it,” Deanna admitted.

“But I surely didn’t deserve to have my baby stolen from me!”

Deanna said she never knew 53-year-old Rosie had adopted her daughter until last November when Kayla – now known as Chelsea – contacted her father.

The married stay-at-home mom of four, who lives in Wisconsin, told The ENQUIRER: “Rosie O’Donnell stole my baby, but I don’t want her money. I just want my daughter back!

“Chelsea told him that she was his granddaughter. He called me and broke the news. It was the moment I’d been waiting and praying for the last 17 years – I’d found my precious daughter!”

Since then, Deanna and Chelsea have communicated through Facebook and text messages, during which her daughter revealed to her birth mom that she despises bombastic Rosie!

“Chelsea has told me that she had issues with Rosie,” Deanna said.

“I believe Rosie has abandoned her. Since about the age of 12, Rosie’s basically shipped Chelsea off to different boarding schools.”

When Chelsea quizzed Deanna as to why she’d been placed for adoption, Deanna said: “I told her the truth – that her daddy wasn’t a good person and she was basically given up to an adoption agency.”

According to Deanna, Rosie has also tried to turn her own child against her – something she claimed is supported via a series of explosive text messages.

In one text missive, obtained by The ENQUIRER, Rosie wrote to Deanna: “One thing I want to share – Chelsea has often been overlooked in some ways because my fame makes me seem superhuman.”

Said Deanna: “Rosie wants to paint me as a horrible person and says adopting Chelsea saved her from a life of misery.

“Rosie even hired someone to dig up my criminal record and gave it to Chelsea.

“But bless her heart, Chelsea told me the past was the past, and she loves me!”

Rosie is an outspoken advocate of adoption, and adopted son Parker in 1995 as a single mom. She adopted Chelsea in Nov. 1997, and then, with partner Kelli Carpenter, adopted son Blake in Dec. 1999.

Kelli gave birth to their daughter, Vivienne, through artificial insemination in Nov. 2002. The couple wed in California in 2004, and split in 2007.

Rosie adopted her fifth child, 2-year-old daughter Dakota, in 2013 with her second wife, Michelle Rounds.

But the pair split after little more than two years of marriage, with the end coinciding with the opinionated star’s decision to quit “The View” – just four months after rejoining the cast.


Rosie O’Donnell’s publicist attacked Deanna Micoley for speaking out publicly about her biological daughter, and insisted Rosie’s adoption of the 17-year-old was totally above board.

According to Cindi Berger, Rosie “legally adopted” Chelsea from the non-profit Children of the World in New Jersey.

“The agency never would have accepted the baby if the birth mother was under the influence,” Berger told The National ENQUIRER.

“There are notarized adoption papers signed by the birth mother and father that were accepted by both the adoption agency and the Court.”

Rosie is “unbearably proud” of Chelsea, Berger added, and “has encouraged and supported Chelsea’s desire to communicate with her birth mother. How disappointing that Chelsea’s birth mother would go public with this personal story without ever having met Rosie.”

Source: National Enquirer