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London Rally

March 2, 2015 permalink

A Rally took place in London Ontario today. Two reports are enclosed. There is also a video, YouTube and local copy (mp4).



London Ontario Canada March 02 2015 CA$ hires rapists

CAS Hires Rapists

Child Abduction Society

There was a rally today in London Ontario Canada March 02 2015, The Chidren's Aid Societies of Ontario are hiring rapists as employees, The Children's Aid Societies of Ontario are harassing abusing and murder children. The residents of Ontario for the last generations were a sleep of the evil within our mits, it is time for accountability and the abuse to stop by the hands of these societies.

If you are neutral in situations of injustices, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

Source: Brainsyntax

Jen Mcmurray

Today was another successful day while we all exercised our rights to be heard! Even though it was only five of us there at the anti CAS Rally in London the point is that we have made our voices heard! We are not afraid to tell the truth about the injustices done to families & children by CAS! Last year the government bailed out CAS with millions of dollars having them commit to one thing & that was that they returned 80% of the children in care to their families. Has London CAS kept that commitment? No they have not! London CAS still has all those children in care while they beg the government for more money yet again! Well no more London CAS it's time that you do right by our families & return our children! I spoke with a long time volunteer driver for CAS this morning who fully supported what we were doing & knew my case personally even she agreed my children should have been returned long ago as well we spoke with another couple that was leaving the CAS office these people were foster parents who had quit working for CAS recently stating that they were sick of what CAS does to families & agreed that what we were out there doing was the right thing to do! Thanks for the support everyone maybe next time all the other advocates that said they would be there will show up!

Source: Facebook, Jen Mcmurray