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Police Reunite Toddler with Mother

April 19, 2015 permalink

When police found a wandering toddler in Barrie Ontario they returned the boy to his mother. There is no mention of calling children's aid. Not every wandering child needs the intervention of social workers.



Wandering Barrie toddler reunited with mom

A lost Barrie toddler was reunited with his mother Thursday after he was spotted walking alone.

City police were called to the Stanley Street area about the boy and found a three-year-old wearing only a t-shirt, diapers and boots.

Officers knocked on doors in the area and after 45 minutes were able to locate the family.

His mother told police she had put her son down for a nap and shortly afterward he made his way out the rear door, and eventually out of the yard, and wandered down the street.

At the same time officers were in the area banging on doors, police said, the mother was frantically searching the neighbourhood for her son.

The situation could have been much different had a citizen not called police.

The child was safe and unharmed when he was reunited with his mother.

Source: Barrie Examiner