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Baby Seized

March 6, 2015 permalink

Mother Elizabeth Amyot had her baby Liam seized from her Leamington home yesterday in a case that will come to court on Monday.



Elizabeth Amyot

CAS ripped my life apart last night. My 20 month old son was apprehended due to my house not being cleaned to their standards. I have severe generalized anxiety disorder and PTSD they ripped him from my arms while I was in a panic attack the police officer badly sprained my wrist I met with a lawyer today my house is now cleaned and I got my landlord to get me new smoke detectors court is on Monday and I'm a mess

They were called because apparently my neighbor heard Liam crying for two hours straight and my dogs who are both a service dog and an emotional support dog were vicious the neighbor doesn't like me because I won't share my internet with him calls me a bitch every time he sees me and gloated last night that he called on me

The worker also took my son out of my house in light cotton two piece PJs no socks no blanket no jacket no nothing did not give me a chance to calm down to tell her about his medications nothing

From a previous false call they had it in their files that no house visits were to take place unless my mom was here to prevent me having a panic attack

Source: Facebook, Stop the CAS ...