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February 20, 2015 permalink

Do you think fixcas is unfair to social workers, showing only stories of their failures? The enclosed article from Community Care, a site advocating for social workers, is an example of why there is little point in reading news coming out of the social services system itself. It tells of a disciplinary action. The name of the perpetrator is not mentioned. The name of the victim is not mentioned. The specifics of the offense are not mentioned. Why bother posting this kind of non-news?



Social worker who admitted to child neglect has been suspended

The social worker received a 12 month ban after being cautioned by the police

A Coventry social worker who received a police caution for “child cruelty” has been banned from practising for 12 months.

A Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) panel heard the social worker had been cautioned in April 2014 for an incident relating to the neglect or ill treatment of a child. The panel was not able to disclose the exact details of the offence or relationship of the child for legal reasons.

‘One off’

The misconduct was a one-off, and because it was seen as unlikely to be repeated the panel found removing the social worker from the register would be disproportionate.

However, because she did not attend the hearing and declined to submit written evidence, there was also no indication the social worker in question had insight into her actions, the panel said.

‘Serious allegations’

The panel’s finding stated: “The core of the allegation relied on by the HCPC relates to a single event, albeit serious. The registrant is an experienced social worker and will have had relevant training in safeguarding and risk assessment in order to work with children.

“Nevertheless, the panel is satisfied that the shortcoming of the [social worker] could be remedied without difficulty.”

The hearing was held in private to protect the child’s identity.

Source: Community Care