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Exoneration Impossible

February 27, 2015 permalink

British social workers snatched a baby because of abuse by her father. Police cleared the father when finding he had been out of the country at the time of the alleged abuse. But social services kept the girl anyway.



Social workers are sitting in judgment argues ANN WIDDECOMBE

SOCIAL workers snatched a newborn baby after her father had been accused of child abuse but comprehensively cleared when police discovered he was not even in the country at the time of the alleged incident.

Services won't admit wrong and still haven't returned the child

That did not stop a West Lothian social worker entering a note on the file that he had been “charged” with child abuse, a straightforward libel.

Refusing to admit they were wrong, the social services concerned have still not returned the child who was taken last August.

I say again that social workers in such cases should be named and the council sued for exemplary damages, because nothing else will stop them destroying the lives of innocent people.

I could almost say that they should lose their own children for a while so that they would know what it feels like but that would be unkind to the children.

What a pity they cannot feel such mercy for other people’s little ones.

Of course there are cases where social workers are damned if they do and damned if they don’t and the media shower opprobrium on their heads if they leave a child in danger but when social services are told by police that there is no case and they still proceed to intervene and then not only to persist with their actions for months but to compound it by a lie on the family’s notes, they should be brought firmly and publicly to book and subjected to the sort of punishment which might deter others.

In another incident Darlington social workers removed a child from his parents because they disapproved of the father’s politics.

He had connections to the English Defence League which is a perfectly lawful organisation if not a particularly nice one. They too should have to pay large damages rather than just be rebuked by a scandalised judge.

Already there is solid evidence that some social services are refusing to allow people to foster or adopt if they will not sign up to believing in gay marriage. These power-crazed bureaucrats now believe themselves to be censors of other people’s beliefs.

Perhaps they should go and live in a totalitarian state where they would feel perfectly at home.

The former Tory Minister writes exclusively for the Daily Express

Source: Daily Express (UK)