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Ontario Foster Mom Sentenced

February 5, 2015 permalink

Sherilee Slatter, mentioned in earlier news reports, has been sentenced to three years for three sexual offenses against her parents' foster daughter and later her own foster son.



Former foster mom gets three years

BELLEVILLE - A former Bloomfield foster parent has been sentenced to three years in jail.

Sherilee Slatter was sentenced Thursday morning by Justice Wolf Tausendfreund in Belleville.

In December, Slatter was found guilty of sexual exploitation and sexual assault stemming from allegations that first arose in 2005 when she was the foster mother of a 15-year-old boy. Her married name at the time was Sherilee Fildey.

Slatter had also been found guilty of one count of invitation to sexual touching linked to her abuse of a 15-year-old girl, who was a foster child in the home of Slatter’s father, back in 2008.

Slatter is now in her mid-30s, she lives in Sudbury with her partner and two young children.

Aside from her three years in custody, Slatter has also been ordered to provide DNA for the national DNA bank.

She will also be registered on both the provincial and federal sex offender registry.

Both teen victims were wards of the now-defunct Prince Edward County Children’s Aid Society. The Highland Shores CAS now covers the areas once managed by the societies in Prince Edward, Hastings and Northumberland Counties. The merger was triggered by a government investigation which found instances of neglect, lapses in oversight and an overall dysfunctional Prince Edward County entity.

Assistant Crown Attorney Jodi Whyte had suggested Slatter serve between six and eight years in custody while the defence suggested between two and three.

Tausendfreund said although the crimes took place during another stage in her life and “she has moved on,” the assaults represent, with respect to the male victim, a “concerted breach of trust.”

He also said there were five sexual encounters between Slatter and the male victim, some of which took place when he was 15-years-old, but it is unclear how many occurred before or after he turned 16.

“The significance of (him) turning 16, is once he turned 16 he was then in a legal position to consent,” said Tausendfreund.

The judge also said the male victim disclosed his sexual encounters with Slatter “when and to whom it suited him, he was not shy about it.”

“What he did not do, however, was to mention it or to complain to his Children’s Aid Society worker or to anyone from the CAS. When the OPP investigated the matter in 2005, he told police he did not want to proceed with charges,” he said. “In fact, no further action was taken by the OPP and the matter lay dormant for seven years.”

In 2012, he said, the male learned other former foster children were moving ahead with civil actions for damages – against the CAS – based on alleged abuse on them while they were in foster care.

“He decided he would like to be part of such a claim for damages, which prompted him to speak to police again, and these charges followed.”

Tausendfreund said the most troubling aspect of Slatter’s involvement with the male victim was the fact she was a foster parent to him at the time.

“That I find to be an egregious breach of trust by her. That was a breach of a trust she owed not only to (victim) but also to the Prince Edward County Children’s Aid Society and to the entire system,” he said.

The incident with the female victim occurred in June 2008 when Slatter, who’s marriage had broken up, lived with her parents – who were also foster parents. The victim was a foster child in the care of Slatter’s parents.

“She made the arrangement....plied the complainant with alcohol and encouraged her (victim) to fondle herself. The complainant, years later, is still embarrassed and mortified about her actions which unfolded entirely and only as a result of the encouragement of the accused and in a setting which she had arranged.”

Source: Belleville Intelligencer