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Drunk and Disorderly Child Protection

February 26, 2015 permalink

Justin Arthur Reyna, a conservatorship specialist for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), was charged with drunk driving and resisting arrest. The response of his employer? He remains on the job, working with children.



CPS Worker Arrested for DWI, Resisting Arrest

AMARILLO -- A worker with Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) is facing serious allegations. The agency is also known as CPS.

The worker deals with children on a daily basis and is still on the job despite being arrested on two charges.

Justin Arthur Reyna, 23, was arrested in the early morning hours of New Year's day for allegedly driving drunk and resisting arrest.

He has since bonded out of jail and is back on the job.

Reyna began working with the DFPS last July as a conservatorship specialist.

That means he has direct contact with children who have been removed from homes and parents who are being investigated by the state.

Officials with the agency say they've been informed of the charges saying Reyna is innocent until proven guilty and would not comment further

Two local agencies that work directly with DFPS would not comment about this specific case but had this to say.

"Normal expectations are that we would have people who would be responsible in dealing with children". Said April Leming, the executive director of "The Bridge."

Lara escobar of the court appointed special advocacy group known as CASA said, "We have every faith CPS will handle this the right way".

Agency guidelines stipulate that anyone with DFPS who is arrested on allegations like this must inform their supervisor within five days. Reyna has apparently done that.

If Reyna is convicted, they may take further action up to and including firing.

The regional director or section manager will make a final decision on any further actions, if any, taken against Reyna.