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Baby Auction

January 8, 2015 permalink

In an article in Teal Star, Erin Paterson reveals some inner workings of children's aid in Ontario. Erin formerly worked for Blue Hills Child and Family Centre, where she assisted clients of children's aid. She says children were auctioned off for adoption. Wealthy clients could place orders for the kind of child they wanted. When CAS found matching children, they were taken from the parents, who never saw them again. Erin was an adoptive parent herself, and her adopted children were in and out of CAS care. There is one incident never reported by anyone else: She was offered her children back provided she reunited with her ex-husband.



When I met Erin Paterson via Facebook mid-summer of 2012, I had no idea this petite blonde woman:

  1. Had so much in common, both in life history and passion, as me...
  2. Would become one of my most trusted "inner circle" friends
  3. Would entrust me with the beautiful privilege of sharing her truly incredible story with the world in it's entirety for the first time...ever.

To say that I am quite nervous as to whether my "word-smith" skills will do her story justice is an understatement, but alas, this story is not about me. This is a story as incredible as that of Bilbo Baggins, the tiny Hobbit, venturing through treacherous terrain to save all of Middle Earth —but this time our "unlikely hero" is venturing to save something far more precious, and this intangible "ring to rule them all" is literally the hearts, souls and very lives of children —both Erin's and those of the currently unregulated region of Ontario. "Sauron", in this particular tale, is played by none other than the Children's Aid Society of Ontario — an organization touted as "more powerful than God" in a heart-wrenching documentary than can be viewed HERE.

Our interview for this piece began mid-October 2014, and was wonderful yet frustrating at the same time because Erin skillfully dodged questions about her story, as she was not yet ready to reveal her secret pain...a pain that has fueled her passion to help others and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge as she attempts to understand trauma and it's effect on humanity around the world...a quest that has earned her numerous credentials such as: Good Will Ambassador for Canada representing Alliance for Medics PTSD, Independent researcher for: the Global Unification International, the boarding schools of Kanata and Neuroscience as it relates to PTSD, Freelance journalist for International Peace, Activist with focus on political prisoners and reform of the categorization of PTSD in the DSM-5, CEO and Founder of Warriors Landing for men, women and children, Founder of the PTSD Support and Global Awareness Campaign, Equestrian Instructor with International Coach Training, Founder of Harnessing Horse Power Healing Program, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach and NLP Master Coach Practitioner specializing in Mindfulness, Resolving PTSD, NLP Hypnotherapy, releasing PTSD with NLP, Time Line Coach, Eye Movement Integration Practioner and many, many others.

When asked about her formal education, Erin responds by saying, "I do not pride myself on my formal education. Though I grew up in a family line with strong academics, I had to say no to the endless degrees — regardless of family rejection. I do take courses in fields of study that can benefit my research and ability to help others. Einstein wrote a quote and it is one I know to be true...'You cannot fix problems with the same thinking used to create them.'"

Without further delay, here is part one of one of the most incredible interviews you'll ever read:

#1 What is your story?

Previously, I was very involved with the Children's Aid Society of Ontario, Canada. I worked in a joint program with Ontario mental Health called Blue Hills. So, I was a parent therapist and specialized foster parent. This role was different as there were few of us and I took the lead role on a clinical team of specialists. I don't believe Bluehills knew the full extent of what was going on, but they were concerned also. I loved my job and went above and beyond my job description consistently because I just loved helping these families who needed a hand-up in getting their lives back together to ensure they could raise their beautiful children. During my time there, I found out about auctions that were going on with these children. It is something that seems impossible to believe in a country like Canada, but after doing some digging, I found out that not only was child trafficking an issue in the form of these auctions, CAS was actually taking "orders" from wealthy people for the kind of child they wanted. At that point in time, every birth in Ontario had to be reported, and if a child matched an order, sure enough, a reason would be found to take the child away and the parents would never see them again.

I'd arranged for a meeting to sort of "put out fires" during the initial phase of my finding out about this information. I still couldn't believe it on some levels, but time and time again, I saw healthy, beautiful babies that were clearly not neglected being taken from loving families who just needed help to get through a rough patch. I didn't realize how much my life would change because of opening my mouth and trying to help.

I was in the process of finalizing the adoption of my children — whom I'd had since their birth, for the most part — we were literally waiting on the judge's stamps for these adoptions to be finalized when I came home the morning of October 1, 2008 to my home being raided. I can't even describe the scene adequately because it was so children with their arms up in the air screaming, "Mommy! Help me!" And I could do nothing.

Erin Paterson

I immediately secured a lawyer and was able to get 2 of my children, both boys, back in 16 days. They returned to me traumatize and deeply scarred emotionally — I would spend nights roaming room to room, sleeping on the floor beside them — soothing them from nightmares and ensuring they didn't hurt themselves.

My youngest child I never saw again because I'd discovered my child had been sold to a buyer. One of my son's who was returned to me was given a "cash offer" from CAS when he turned 19 to stay quiet and never interact with me again. I know about the offer because I was inadvertently included in the email exchange back and forth — I know why he took the offer, but my heart still aches at losing my son. During this time I was married. My now ex-husband was always a little narcissistic — like you would expect a "jock" to be, but the power that was given to him by CAS to keep my quiet turned him into a monster. The entire time I was fighting to get my children back, he would withhold food from me, have women come around the house wearing my clothing, throw away one of the shoes to pairs of my shoes and even rape me repeatedly. When I would call the police, my then husband would call my mother, who is a pediatric nurse, to come over. She would tell the police who she was and what she did for a living before telling the police I was schizophrenic or crazy in some way or another, and the police would leave after hearing and believing what she said. I mean, after all, she is a pediatric nurse, right? She must know what she is talking about.

Finally, in 2012,1 escaped with my 3 small children from the horror and tyranny of my now ex-husband. I was finally heard and believed. We were given a miracle...a fresh start in the form of a home and freedom from the abuse and sexual assault of my ex. I'd been told before this that "one day I might escape and experience freedom, but it wouldn't be for long."

About the time my children and I were settling into our new-found freedom, my ex-colleagues came into the picture saying I was making false allegations. My ex ended up being charged with only 4 counts of sexual assault, but the judge who was presiding over the case was promoted and the case was stayed.

Then on February 25, 2014, I was asked to come into a meeting late on a Friday night. I'd had my girlfriend who lived near where the meeting was to watch the children for me. While I was at this meeting, listening to lie after lie being told about me — lies that I can prove are not true, but have yet to be given the chance — my girlfriend's house was raided and my children were taken. Not only were they taken, they were put back into full time custody of my ex — even with the documentation of the charges of 4 counts of sexual assault and abuse against me. I've only been able to speak to one of my children once — my daughter who reached out and told me they are scared to death.

I am preparing to face my first Christmas without my children — that I am prevented from speaking to or seeing. Even the picture collages I put together for them, to be able to look at and know that their Mommy loves them and is still fighting to get them back, were ripped up and never given to them.

On December 8, 2014, I attended another meeting — a meeting that wasn't even scheduled with the court clerk where I had to fight to not go into a room with my ex. During this meeting I was told, "Your children have been made aware that you have PTSD, and they do not ever want to see you again. If you try to open this up in court again, we will strongly advocate for your never being allowed near children again because of your PTSD, and your children will be placed in foster care. However, if you make the decision to go back to your husband and leave with him tonight, you will be able to have your children back tonight."

#2 How have you been able to continue helping others even through this complete hell you have been experiencing?

For me this is not just about getting my children back — this is about doing whatever it takes to get regulation in Ontario so that no other family has to be ripped apart and experience what I'm experiencing. I'm not going to say it has been easy — I spent 2 days after the most recent meeting basically in a fetal position on the floor, but I have learned that it is very true — that you rise by helping others. So, I was able to wipe the tears from my eyes and the dust from my clothes — head over to the computer and do some research or help someone else that is hurting somewhere in the world.

#3 Why are you so dedicated and so passionate about what you do?

The answer to this is simple. I made a promise to myself that as long as I survived I would do whatever it took to ensure no one I could reach would ever feel what I have felt. That they would know they are not alone — that I would stay true to myself and live knowing, regardless of the adversity, that life is beautiful — and sometimes you have to wait for what is beautiful...that means you may fall, but you must climb back up, know that you are not dying — no matter how badly it hurts and how much it feels like you are dying — make a healing adventure and live like you were flying. The faster we turn our wounds into wisdom, the more knowledge we seek...the closer we all will come to healing and authentic global peace.

#4 You said earlier that you "do not pride yourself on formal education" — can you expand on that?

In my experience, any prior education I had in respect to mental health was irrelevant and completely inaccurate. When it comes to this injury — it is an injury and not a mental illness. Nothing taught was even close to reality. Independent research, networking with doctors, other researchers, etc., but most significantly, listening to and caring about others and their loved ones who has experienced a markedly abnormal traumatic life event, powerful enough to cause this injury and most of a establishing an International family of advocate who were on the same path is ultimately why I am able to understand and see this injury for what it is not a disorder. It is an injury.

Left untreated, the side effects very often mirror those of mental illness. I mean, who feels sane without sleep? Who feels sane who is experiencing extreme pain? The medications used to "treat" this injury also cause these "insane" feelings because these medications were not intended for injuries. For PTSD, the FDA approved drugs are not even maintenance. Knowing this offers amazing hope for the future because when properly identified and treated, injuries heal. Regulating the nervous system via holistic modalities

One of the main problems with PTSD is the lack of 1st response care.

People back away rather than surround the injured person with love and support.

It's so important to remember this is not the end...this is an opportunity to grow and become. It is an exciting and positive thought process.

To be continued month's issue...

Source: Teal Star December 2014 pages 22-26

The article may not be verified to the standards customary in professional journalism. But fixcas has encountered some of the cited abuses from reliable sources. The news series by WLKY in Louisville Kentucky reports that children were snatched to order.