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Boy's Experience in CAS Care

January 19, 2015 permalink

Vern Beck spoke to a teenaged boy in CAS care. The boy related a litany of problems with CAS, problems accentuated by the man supposedly acting as his lawyer.



Vernon Beck

I interviewed another teen on video yesterday. Same story as many other kids. Some of the points captured on video:

  • He hates CAS workers and wants them out of his life. He does not trust them.
  • He does not like CAS workers coming to his school. If CAS workers want to interview him he would prefer it to be at CAS offices, not his school.
  • The CAS have not helped his family in any way but have only made things worse over the years for his family.
  • The CAS workers showed a bias in favor of his mother and worked against his father when his father was a good parent
  • The Office of the Children's lawyer nor the CAS told him of his rights and freedoms nor of his rights to be informed of what was going on in court.
  • The CAS and his OCL lawyer kept him from seeing his father which is not what he wanted at all. The OCL lawyer did what the boy did not want. The boy wants to see his father.

Overall, this teen's testimony is the same as I gather from many teens. Teens are beginning to speak out. Judgement day will be coming soon for these unregistered CAS workers and incompetent OCL lawyers who continue to do incompetent work and cause destruction to children and families. Some heads are going to roll as the parents and kids are complaining about the same workers.

If any readers have a child who wishes to speak on on video and is willing to disclose their thoughts and feelings about the CAS and the OCL with our elected officials and the family court judges, then private message me. Children speaking out can make a difference in making CAS and the OCL accountable and transparent. Information disclosed by some kids may even qualify for a lawsuit for those who are willing to have their video reviewed by a litigation lawyer.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch