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Family Law Gets Muddy

February 28, 2015 permalink

The Fluffy Puppies Get Muddy

Ralxa Begooshka, which may be a pseudonym, is enjoined from publicly mentioning the names of her children. But the foster mom of two of her children has published a book, The Fluffy Puppies Get Muddy". Amazon portrays the author:

Vicky L. Govier lives in the beautiful village of Thorndale, Ontario, in the big house where Diesel and Ruby make their home, along with her husband and four children.


In this blurb Govier counts two of Begooshka's children as her own. While the real mother is silenced, the foster mom posts pictures of the children to her own Facebook account.



Ralxa Begooshka

So the CAS had the judge make an order that I am not supposed to post anything on social media about the CAS and/or my case and/or my kids and/or the trial, etc., although I do not know the exact wording of it as I have never been provided with a copy. They have tried to use my posts in this group under multiple Facebook accounts against me in court including saying I am breaking this order. Part of me is so fed up with their BS that I am wanting to start posting sections of the recordings I have made and very disturbing things in the more than 5000 pages of disclosure I have. I don't know how to blur out parts though and if they are paying close enough attention, even if I use yet another account, then there's a possibility they will try to use this against me as well. I know the CAS never gets in trouble for contempt of court, but I also know that they tried to reopen the trial based on one post in this group, which they were unsuccessful in doing, but since they don't have anything else now they are trying to twist things to make it look like I was breaking the supervision order, and they reapprehended my two youngest children who I had under temporary care and custody without any evidence and without warrants and the judges wouldn't listen and sided with them and in my opinion committed judicial misconduct. Anyway, the point of this is, since CAS is so good at trying to intimidate people and like to lie about things they can do to make your life even worse (like illegally kidnapping your children isn't bad enough), I am just wondering legally if they decided to pursue it how much trouble I could get in for breaking this order to not post things? Patricia Miller (the OCL who is guilty of a lot of different things herself including lying to the court and not following the rules of the OCL) also threatened to go after me about posting things about my children, even though the foster parents are guilty of doing it and they aren't even their kids. If you click on read more you can read the about the author and while it doesn't name my children (she does post pictures of my kids on Facebook though, including two with my preteen daughter in her housecoat), it says that she lives with her husband and four children, however her husband and her only have two children. The other two children are my children. Again, just wondering if this would be a criminal proceeding, a civil proceeding, if anyone has actually gotten in trouble for something like this before and what the consequences were? I honestly can't think of worse consequences than what they have done and are trying to do to our family right now anyway. It's not like they don't already cancel my visits on a weekly basis as well.

The recordings are only audio, but that is what the OCL threatened me with despite letting the foster parents get away with it. Not to mention I have no idea how she got access to my private highest privacy settings account, which is where the information she quoted came from. In this group I don't post identifying information but if they know what's going on and are paying attention then they can figure out my fake accounts. The OCL is not happy that I have named her and been open about how she has lied and isn't doing her job properly either. Then finding out that she used to be a lawyer for the CAS seems like a huge conflict of interest to me.

Source: Facebook, Stop the CAS ...