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Be Careful Calling Poison Control

November 22, 2014 permalink

Parents now need fear calling poison control when their child ingests a possibly toxic substance. An anonymous mother found her baby chewing ant bait. She is worried poison control will alert CPS.



Will poison control call CPS on me?

Ok, so just now I was getting ready in the bathroom with the baby (he's 10 months) he crawled behind the toilet and got an ant bait and was chewing on it. He didn't appear to ingest anything. (We put it there before he was born and didn't realize it was there).

I called poison control. She said he should be fine. But she asked for my address, will she call CPS? I'm worried.


I know it's horrible. I'm crying feeling like the worst mother in the world.

I actually crawled on my hands and knees to baby proof my house. We have outlet covers, latches on the cabinets, dressers mounted to the walls, we threw away all of the other ant baits and somehow missed this one. It's my roommate's bathroom and I rarely use it. (Hence why I don't clean it regularly.)

Source: CafeMom

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