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DHS Dog Bites Boy

November 18, 2014 permalink

An Oklahoma family had their son taken into foster care a week age. There he was mauled by a dog. The family cannot say the boy's name in public. They cannot publish pictures of their injured child. The state DHS will not respond to questions about the incident, giving instead a paragraph from one of their manuals.



Child attacked by dog while in foster care, Oklahoma family demanding answers

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Okla. – A child is attacked by a dog while in foster care, now one Oklahoma family demands answers.

They feel like the state has let them down, but the Oklahoma DHS says this was just a terrible accident.

Just last month, the little one year old boy was the picture of happiness. But a picture taken this weekend shows nothing but pain.

His face scarred, with close to 20 stitches across his cheek.

“I want someone to pay for my grandson’s disfigurement,” said Tracy McNabb, the young man’s grandmother.

The little boy, whose name will remain anonymous, was taken by DHS last week and placed into a foster home.

“The person they were put in care with had a dog,” said Kathy Hudson, concerned family member. “The dog attacked him.”

“I’ve heard he had extensive face surgery, and many stitches,” said McNabb. “The system that is supposed to protect children, totally failed.”

Today, Oklahoma DHS showed KFOR their policy regarding foster home’s with pets:

Animal and household pet safety.

  1. Animals are in good health, do not show evidence of carrying disease and do not present a threat to the health, safety, or welfare of children.
  2. Documentation of current rabies vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian for dogs, cats, and other applicable pets is provided by the Bridge resource applicant or parent.
  3. When an animal bites a child, the Bridge resource applicant or parent contacts the assigned child welfare (CW) specialist immediately.

OK-DHS tells KFOR while they’re aware of the situation, this truly was an accident.

“My question is, what kind of care giver is that,” said Hudson. “Do you still trust them?”

According to the DHS, the child was placed into another foster home on Monday.

Source: KFOR

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