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Fear of CAS

November 13, 2014 permalink

Erick Ouellette has finished an ordeal with CAS. Now he has outfitted his home with surveillance equipment as protection against a future intervention.

Erick Ouellette

Well, court is over. My son and my wife are finally coming home. My wife's own lawyer lies constantly about it. Assumed guilt implied. I couldn't convince the Judge to lift the supervised access. Wait till they find my new security system in my new apartment that turns on at the touch of a button, my wife will never have to deal with these monsters alone as everything will be recorded and I can watch it live over a network, try a pull a bad faith maneuver, please. Now that my wife and my son will be back, now it's time to fight back. No more he said she said between CAS and lawyers when we know better, divide and conquer. Not anymore, the offensive starts now.

Source: Facebook, Stop the CAS ...