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Evil Corrupt Liars Kidnappers

November 12, 2014 permalink

Michael Borusiewicz asked the question:

Michael Borusieiwicz

If you had one word to describe child protection what would it be? (without swearing)

Source: Facebook, Luke's Army

The replies came from followers of Luke's Army, composed mostly of parents having experience with child protectors. After several hundred replies, the most popular term was evil, mentioned 24 times, followed by corrupt (21 times), liars (18) and kidnappers (14). Others appearing more than once were:

abomination abuse abusive assholes blind broken bullies child-stealers corruption cowards crap criminal criminals deceitful demonic dogs heartless hideous ignorant incompetent inconsistent inept insidious insipid joke maggots manipulators monsters murderers Nazis parasites pathetic predators putrid ridiculous Satan scum scumbags sick snakes terrorists thieves twisted two-faced uncaring unconstitutional useless vermin vile wankers

Expand for the terms appearing just once.



$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$ @#$%* abusives accountable antiquated apathetic arrogant baby-stealers babysnatchers babystealers backwards baloney banshees bitches black blackballers bodysnatchers bollix bottom-feeders bottomdwellers brainwashed brainwashers breakers bullying callous cancer cancerrats cheats child-trafficking childabusers childnappers clandestine co-conspirators cockroaches cold cold-hearted commonpurpose con-artists contradictory contrived control corpulant corrupted corruptions counter-productive coverup cradle-snatches cradlesnatchers creepy crisis cronies crooked cruel dangerous dead deadly deceitful deceiving demoralized derogatory des-personne-malhonnête despicable destroyers destruction destructive devil devilish devils dirty disgrace dishonest draconian dumbasses dykes dysfunctional education enforcers engineering evil-bastards extortion fabricators failed failure failures false family-abattoir family-breakers farce fascist fascists fat fictional filth fraudulent frivolous germs gestapo great-pretenders greedy guardians heart-breakers heart-destroyers heartbreakers heartwrenching hemorrhoid HIV hopeless horrible illusion imbeciles immoral implicated inadequate incubus inexcusable infectious inhumane injustice insolent intimidating invasive irresponsible Jesus judgmental kid-abusers kiddynappers kidjackers kidnapping killers lie lifesuckers losing-team lost lovable loveless lying mafia makers malicious manipulating misery money mongrels murder murders nasty nefarious neglect negligent no-brainers non-existent numb overpowered oxygen-thieves oxymoron paedophiles parvenu-rapists passionate pedophiles perilous perjurers perverse power-trip predatory profit-sharing profitable provoking psychopaths racketeering racketeers rapers rats ridiculousness rigged rotten sadist sadistic satanic satanist scumsuckingbottomfeeders shady sheeple-herders sicko slanderous soul-destroying souless speechless spiteful stealers stealing-scum succubus sucking suicide swamp-rats tongues torture torturers traffickers trafficking tricksters trolls twunts tyranny ugly unbelievable underdeveloped underhanded uneducated unequipped unfair unnatural unprofessional unqualified unsatisfactory unstable unsupporting untrustworthy users villainous vipers vultures whack-jobs wicked wolves worthless wreckers

Most notable is the near absence of positive terms. If child protectors really served children, the list would contain terms such as helpful, polite, professional.