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Advocate Gets CAS to Investigate Abusive Foster Home

November 22, 2014 permalink

Vern Beck found child abuse in a foster home in which CAS failed to alert police about reports of abuse. A day after he posted the story on Facebook, police showed up to interview foster children and action is underway by CAS to have the home closed.



Vernon Beck

Within the past 15 minutes I finished a video recorded interview with a boy who described how his CAS foster father sexually assaulted him while the boy was bathing in the bathtub. The boy describes that the CAS foster father did this while the foster mother was out of the house.

In addition the CAS workers have become aware of this from other children in the home but as of tonight have not called the police nor have taken the other foster children out of the home. It seems that the CAS workers (unregistered) are trying to prevent a police investigation into sexual abuse of young boys in this home.

I will be contacting the police and the CAS workers to let them know that I have the boy's disclosure video recorded and that full police investigation is required. The boy also states on the video that he does not trust the CAS workers and that the only person he trusts to reveal this information to is myself.

Tragically, many children have lost all faith in CAS workers who as we all know are not registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers.

Vernon Beck An update to this story: 24 hours after I interviewed a boy who alleged he was being sexually abused in a CAS foster home, police came to interview the boy as well. The police interviewed the other boys in the CAS foster home and found that they reported being sexually abused as well. Another CAS foster home will be shut down. More details to follow.

Vernon Beck I already got the boy returned after I had previously videotaped him and contacted the CAS early in the summer The boy was a Crown Ward for over 8 years. Once CAS was notified of my previous interview, they made arrangements to have him returned to his good home where he belonged all along. This sexual abuse came to light after the boy had been returned to his parents in spite of the CAS wanting to keep the kid in the abuse home as long as they could. The kid was a cash cow to the CAS.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch