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Children's Aid Worker Threats

October 2, 2014 permalink

A video shows the methods CAS uses to get bogus voluntary agreements from parents.

Published on Sep 30, 2014

"Its just gonna happen"
Children's aide worker threatening to take my son away over refusing chemo as they wouldn't allow a second opinion or option.

Source: YouTube

Link to a local copy (mp4).

Social workers are denying the father a chance to pursue an alternative to dangerous chemo treatment for his daughter. At least three times in the short recording workers threaten the father:

... they're gonna take your son and you're never going to see him again.
If you don't sign that paper we're apprehending the child
(regarding apprehension) It's just gonna happen. You either agree to the treatment or we have to apprehend (indistinct name) so we can get the child treatment.

There is no personal identification in the video, but it resembles the case of Aiden Pedersen