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Police Threaten to Remove Baby

October 4, 2014 permalink

Andre Stockett and his two-week-old son were passengers in a car driven by his wife when they were stopped for no apparent reason by the Sandusky Ohio police. The police changed their reason for the stop from driving without a license to driving without headlights (on a bright sunny day). When Andre was ordered out of the car, he assessed that as the black husband of a white wife, his life was in danger and refused to comply. The police resorted to threats to induce compliance. At 4:12 and 5:22 in the video police say the baby will be delivered to child services.

The video was posted on October 2 to YouTube, fixcas has a local copy (mp4). The name of the father comes from the website The Free Thought Project.

Addendum: Following the arrest of Andre Stockett and driver Kathryn Said aka Kathryn Denslow at the end of the video, both were charged with crimes. In late November all charges were dropped. Officer Christopher Denny was not fired, but retrained, and will be returning to patrol duty.