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Abused Baby Tooth

October 24, 2014 permalink

While helping her son Oskar pull a T-shirt over his head, mother Natalya Shianok knocked out a loose baby tooth. A few days later he did not come home from school. Norwegian authorities had snatched the boy for his protection.



Norway authorities remove child from parents over lost tooth

​Norwegian authorities have snatched away a Russian couple’s young son after he shared the story of a missing baby tooth with his classmates. The parents are accused of child abuse.

The boy’s grandfather, Gennady Sharkikov, recounted the disturbing incident to LifeNews. On October 8, five-year-old Oscar Shianok did not come home. Norwegian Child Welfare Services (CWS) picked the child up from school and placed him into protective custody.

According to Oskar’s parents, Natalya and Sergey Shianok, a few days before his removal, Oscar had told his classmates that his mother accidently yanked out one of his baby teeth. Natalya explains that she was helping him pull a T-shirt over his head and accidently knocked out an already-loose tooth.

The CWS report claims his mother was abusive and deliberately knocked the tooth out.

Natalya and Sergey came to Norway from Russia looking for work and a better life for themselves and their two children. The parents quickly found employment and settled into a quiet life in Troms, a medium sized city in the north.

Natalya says that the family reached out to the Norwegian police for help, but were told that the missing tooth story was evidence of abuse and grounds for removing the boy from their custody. Police then began to ask leading questions about their younger daughter, Aleksandra.

The family left Norway in distress and returned to Murmansk, Russia.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said it would take action after the family reached out for help. Oskar’s grandfather contacted the Russia’s Children’s Rights Commissioner, Pavel Astakhov, who is now working alongside the Russian embassy in Norway to reunite the boy with his parents.

“For the moment Oskar remains in the care of a Norwegian foster family, and his mother has no idea where,” says Igor Lapitsky, head of the Russian consulate in Norway, reports

Irina Bergset, the director of Russian Mothers, an NGO which strives to curb foreign adoption of Russian children, explained that such situations are not unusual in Norway.

“In accordance with local laws, it’s as if Russian citizenship is null and void. They’ve declared everyone who happens to be on Norwegian territory a resident, and all the children to be property of Norway,” she explained.

CWS has attracted media attention and criticism for its overzealous invasion of noncitizens’ family lives in the past. In a high-profile case in 2012, CWS took two kids away from an Indian family amid criticism from human rights activists and the international press. It was only after diplomatic intervention that the children were sent back to India to live with an uncle.

Berit Aarset, head of Human Rights Alert Norway referred to the contentious custody removal as “kidnapping.”

Similarly, in 2013 CWS took a newborn baby away from a Nigerian couple claiming the mother was mentally ill and was not making an emotional connection with the baby because she did not make enough eye contact with the child.

Source: RT

Addendum: Russian Children's Rights Commissioner, Pavel Astakhov is bringing the treatment of Russian children in Norway to the attention of the United Nations.



Moscow, UN to Discuss Confiscation of Children From Russian Families in Norway

MOSCOW, November 1 (RIA Novosti) - Russian Children's Rights Commissioner, Pavel Astakhov and a United Nations Special Representative, are set to discuss the confiscation of children from Russian parents living abroad by the countries' local authorities, following recent incidences of children being taken away in Norway, the ombudsman’s website reported Saturday.

“On November 12, Pavel Astakhov, will meet a Special Representative of the General-Secretary in Minsk, during the meeting they will discuss the recent cases of confiscation of children from Russian families living abroad,” the report stated.

On Saturday, Astakhov reported on his Twitter another case of a child taken away from a Russian family in Norway, following a prior case reported earlier this month.

In the most recent case, the Norwegian Child Welfare Services (CWS) accompanied by police went to the home a Russian family living in the east of Norway, and confiscated a 6-year old girl, according to Astakhov’s statement.

“There was a disturbing message received from Norway, that yesterday [Friday] evening, yet another 6-year old Russian girl was taken away from a Russian family on groundless basis,” Astakhov wrote on his Twitter account.

“There is a disturbing situation surrounding Russian families, whose children are being taken away by Norwegian authorities,” Astakhov added in a separate statement on Instagram.

The prior incident took place in the city of Tromso. On October 8, five-year-old Oscar Shianok was picked from school by the CWS and placed into protective custody claiming that the mother forcefully “yanked” out one of his loose baby tooth. The mother however explained that the incident happened accidentally while she was helping him undress.

Based on past incidents, the CWS has been criticized for targeting children of non-citizen families. According to a report by RT, in 2012 the CWS took away two kids from an Indian family, while in 2013, they took away a newborn from a Nigerian couple.

Source: RIA Novosti