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Help Bring Thor Home

September 23, 2014 permalink

Karen Plumridge with Thorin Karen Plumridge is trying rescue her son from CAS.

My son Thorin and I miss each other very much. He has been living for almost two years in southern Ontario at a treatment facility and unfortunately it seems now he will not be returning back to his hometown and family in Northern Ontario. For this reason I liquidated whatever possible, sold off possessions, drained my bank account, and borrowed money in order to pay for transcripts and legal fees for an appeal. The rest of the money was to relocate as close as possible to him. As soon as I moved here I was informed that they were considering moving him.. again. Whether they do or not it is clear it will take funds to keep pursuing having my parental rights to DIRECT HIS CARE restored, the Northern Travel grant program, for instance. It is my only wish (and his too) that by this summer he will be visiting me at my home a few times a week, and I am seeing a lot more of him in his community, until he is slowly integrated back into my home with whatever community supports there are available down there. I would be grateful for any help from anyone. Thank you, from my son and I.

Source: Go Get Funding

There is also a Facebook for this family, Help Bring Thor Home.