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Kobe in Danger

August 24, 2014 permalink


A boy held in foster care by Highland Shores CAS has an injury that goes beyond an innocent bruise. CAS is rarely candid about the reasons for an injury to a foster child. The mother wants the child relocated to a safer foster home.

Petitioning Highland Shores Children's Aid Society Belleville Ontario

Remove any children in the foster home that this little boy is in. Have a third party investigation involving child abuse experts. Justice for Kobe!

Petition by
Brenda Green-Edwards
Kingston, Canada

Kobe is a friends one year old boy. He is in a foster home. Kobe has come to visits with his mom with signs of physical abuse. Such as a bruised and swollen ear and two days later comes with a nasty burn on his face that the foster parents claim happened from him grabbing a travel mug of hot coffee. The foster parents claimed he seen a "nurse" for his ear and told CAS this is normal. As for the burn the mom is not sure if he was seen at all!

This child needs to be moved out of this foster home. A proper investigation done and if warranted then charges laid for child abuse on this helpless baby.

There are so many children in the care of CAS that are being physically abused and even murdered. I do not want to see the latter happen to Kobe!

Please help me to help this innocent child and make CAS more accountable!